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T.I.M.E: Things I Must Experience


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T.I.M.E: Things I Must Experience
English | 2015 | ASIN: B018EZREX8 | 36 pages | ePUB, MOBI | 1.7 MB

Many people hide behind the theory of creative chaos and how it leads to great achievements. But if you care enough to research the theory, you will find out that it doesnt apply to your everyday life. It applies to a universal structure of a pattern much greater than what your mind can perceive and imagine, so what seems like a disorganized and chaotic pattern now, is actually a great plan that will unfold sometime in the future.

This book, will provide you with advice, tools and methods to utilize your time best and thereby live your life to the fullest extent!
It will provide you valuable information on:

Why you need to be organized to be creative

Set Goals and Deadlines

Get Things Done by Putting Them off Till Tomorrow

Strategies that work

Resources to help you get things done

And much, much more!!
Dont let your life pass you by only to catch you regretting the lost time in your winter years. Be the master of your time. This book will help you increase productivity, save time, and organize your life so that you can do the things that YOU want to do instead of what other people want you to do!!
is an informative book that will give wings to the imagination and help reach your goals!!


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