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Emotional Intelligence


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Emotional Intelligence: How They Determine Our Success - Increase Your EQ by Mastering Your Emotions
English | 2014 | ASIN: B00PNVTVHE | 96 pages | ePUB | 117 KB

Emotional Intelligence
How They Determine Our Success - Increase your EQ by Mastering your Emotions

Everyone is confronted by our own emotions in addition to those of other people. The manner in which we manage these emotions will determine how other people perceive us and our effectiveness in getting things done. By increasing our emotional intelligence, we will be better equipped to respond to situations around us with a high degree of maturity. Studies by renowned researchers such as John Mayer, Peter Salovey and Konstantin Vasily Petrides have shown that people who have a high emotional intelligence become better leaders and are exemplary in whatever they do. In his doctoral thesis entitled - A study of Emotion: Developing Emotional Intelligence, Wayne Payne became the first person to use the term emotional intelligence. Compared to intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional intelligence appears to be superior because it covers a wide range of faculties and aspects of peoples behavior.
Studying emotional intelligence will help you understand the source and impact of your emotions. This is important because it enhances self awareness. You will also have an opportunity to understand the behavior of other people and the underlying reasons why they act the way they do. Conflict management borrows heavily from emotional intelligence. By understanding the emotional needs of other people, you will be better placed to handle conflicts and resolve them in a manner that benefits every party. When conflicts are resolved amicably, they give you an opportunity to establish even stronger relationships and social bonds. A mastery of interpersonal skills such as listening, verbal communication, non-verbal communication, self management and assertiveness will make you gain trust and respect from others thereby becoming an influential person in social circles.

Here is a preview of what you will learn

What is emotional intelligence
Benefits of emotional intelligence
How to Identify and Deal with Emotional Triggers
Taking responsibility and setting personal boundaries
The importance of meditation in enhancing emotional intelligence
How to Raise Your Emotional Intelligence
Keys to commanding your emotions
Emotional Control and Anger Management
Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution
Mastering Interpersonal Skills for Emotional Intelligence
How to Improve Your Emotional Health


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