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Time Management: Screw Self Discipline with this Uncommon Guide


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Time Management: Screw Self Discipline with this Uncommon Guide
English | 2015 | ASIN: B014B2J670 | 146 pages | ePUB | 210 KB

Are you always running late? Do you always wait until the last minute? Do you never seem to get things done well - and on time? Do you lie awake at night, dreading tomorrow's schedule?

When you download Time Management: Screw Self Discipline With This Uncommon Guide to Conquer Procrastination, Boost Productivity, and Get Organized, your productivity can increase dramatically! These fun and easy tips transform your wasted energy into pr

oductive days and restful nights. You'll be proud of what you accomplish - every day!
Are you overwhelmed with small tasks? Do you want to focus, but can't decide which tasks to do - and which ones to ignore? Is it difficult for you to stop micro-managing?

Time Management teaches you how to apply the famous 80/20 rule (also known as the Pareto Principle and the Rule of the Vital Few), to your everyday life. You can develop the decision-making skills you need to set aside unnecessary tasks, delegate to others, and focus all your energies on what really matters.


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