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Portable Stratego


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The well-known board game, Stratego, is a game about strategy. Your mission is to find the other players flag and defend your own. In order to do so you control forces that vary from bombs to spies and everything else there is in between.

In each turn you move one of your pieces either one square vertically or horizontally. If you move your piece to a square which is occupied by your enemy's figure, one of the figures is sent out of the battlefield. This is determined by the character's strength which is displayed on the card - the lower the number, the stronger the character is. So if your captain (5) attacks a sergeant (7) you win the battle and the sergeant is removed from the battlefield.

There are some special rules though, like that the bombs and flags do not move. A bomb kills everyone that attacks it, except for the miner, who disarms it. The mightiest piece on the board, the marshal (1) can only be captured (removed) by the spy and, of course, he will get blown away if he attacks the bomb.

And now a few details about the game design. Let's start with graphics. Well, there are no real graphics but only a flat table with blue and red rectangles that have drawings inside. The sound is horrifying, at least on my computer where the sound is a long, extremely irritating BEEP. You should turn it off by all means.

This game is a must for all Stratego lovers and others who enjoy playing board games on their computer, but for those who either don't like Stratego or just want to play Stratego with human players, this game can be overlooked.

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