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Dez Burke - Steel Justice


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Dez Burke - Steel Justice
Narrated by: Pepper Laramie

One taste of her sweet lips, and I swore I'd make her mine....

Bikers, babes, and booze. Three things I lived for, all in one dirty package when I decided to throw my brother's bachelor party at the Panama City Bike Rally.

Then she came along and screwed up everything.

The plan was simple. Familiar. Take her home, wreck her for other men, and then kick her to the curb by daylight, spent and breathless.

It would've been the perfect night making her scream my name if she hadn't hidden one little fact.

She's Big Roy's property, and he owns her. The prez of the Liberators MC is used to getting what he wants, and he won't let her go without a fight.

Neither will I.

I'll see him burn in hell before I let him touch her ever again....

Steel Justice is a complete stand-alone book. While it is not necessary to listen to Safe House and Liberated first, it will be helpful if you want to understand the overall plot involving the Steel Infidels and the Liberators.

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