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Re-Arranged eBook Sub-Sections


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The e-Books section has had a bit of an overhaul and has been split into the best way we thought fit to make searching and posting easier for all.


We delayed the announcment to allow the topics to build up so you can see the variety of eBooks available to you all rather than announcing with empty sections.


Some of you are already aware of the changes but for the masses,k here is what you now have on offer:


  • eBooks - Anything eBook related that does not fall into any of the sections below.
  • Magazines - Anything that is a duplicate publication or would be purchased from a newsagents / street booth etc.
  • Comics - a publication that consists of comic art in the form of sequential juxtaposed panels that represent individual scenes.
  • Tutorials - Regardless of format, all tutorials to be posted in this section.
  • Audiobooks - Audio books only in this section.
  • Requests - Request any type of eBook here. The Request section has its own rules, please read pofore posting.


There has been a mass amount of posts accumilated now with a huge variety in most sections with the exception of the main eBook section. Im pretty sure theres something there for everyone including partners.


Should anyone wish to request/post a non English magazine, they are allowed but must follow rule 12 as below:


12.  The board languauge is English and as such, all posts are to be written in English. As we have a worldwide group of members, some eBooks / Audiobooks are allowed to be posted which are foreign in nature but the main text must be in English. Should complaints be recieved due to posts being offensive that staff were unaware due to langauge barriers, these posts will be deleted.


I do have access to foreign magazines in many languages but will not post unless there is a specific request. Anyone posting none English magazines are to make all members aware either by entering it in the Description box (box under title when creating a new topic) or via a larger text size with post with words along the lines of "Non English Magazine"


Hope you all enjoy the new section



Your ANDR Team

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