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New Themes - Twilight & Soft Blue


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Great News,


Some of you may have seen the announcement at the top screen but its great news with another theme installed by the WebMaster.


Twilight4 is available for use now, enjoy.




ANDR Admin Staff ;)


Edit: The Webmaster must have won the lottery or found some coins down the back of the sofa as we have had a second theme installed for us today as well, please see the Soft Blue theme below. It is as the title suggests, a softer blue than the earlier one today.




Thanks WM ;)

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  • SuperModerator

Wow ... this one is great and definitely my preferred one! :music:

Cheers, :hi:

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First post updated


BamSec1, looks like you need to state which is your preferred one now the WM has installed a second :lol:

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  • SuperModerator

Oh ... blimey!   :Bravo:


Well, I'll keep the Twilight one, still preferring that one.:hi:

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  • Administrator

Nice skins, thank you WM :)


btw I like the animated site icon too..

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