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eBook Request Rulez


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AndrNet eBook Request Rules


01.  As with all sections on Andr, a search is to be carried out before posting as the eBook or Audiobook may already be available. Any requests made where the topic already exists will result in the request being locked or deleted.


02.  No more than three requests in one day. Each topic is to only requests 1 ebook / Audiobook or Tutorial unless it is a series you are requesting. If your request is for any eBooks by... you must supply eBook names. You can list more than 3 eBooks in this instance, however this will be your request limit for the day.


03.  The topic title should only be the name of your request without using caps lock, ie. John Steinbeck - Of Mice And Men and not {Request} JOHN STEINBECK - Of mice & men or Help Me Find.


04.  The topic content should include whether it's an eBook or Audiobook, the preferred format ie. mobi, epub, pdf etc. Also link to the item via Amazon, WHSmith etc. 


04.  If any requests are deemed insufficient by a moderator, the requester will be asked to provide more info. If this information is not updated within 7 days, the request will be sent to the graveyard.


05. Any request will be found and posted as is. This means you are not to request certain file hosts or bit-rates. However, we will do our best to find good quality Audiobooks and mirror links will be posted wherever possible.


06.  If you are able to fulfill someones request, you are to post the found eBook in the relevant sub-section and post a link directing to it in the requesters post.


07.  When your request has been filled, please click the 30JL5Rg.png button. This shows us that you have acknowledged the find, allowing us to then graveyard the request thread. Any unanswered / unresolved requests will be deleted at the moderators discretion. Please feel free to then re-request,


08.  No spamming / flaming / religion / politics / porn / drugs / file host discussion in posts. These threads will be locked and possible action taken against any guilty member..


09.  Do not post any DEX or Torrent links. They will be removed and the topic will be locked. It could result in a ban, be warned!  


10.  Images are allowed, however if the image posted is too big it will automatically be resized. Image hosts are the preferred method, hot-linking from other warez boards is not allowed..


11.  The board languauge is English and as such, all posts are to be written in English. As we have a worldwide group of members, some eBooks / Audiobooks are allowed to be posted which are foreign in nature but the main text must be in English. Should complaints be recieved due to posts being offensive that staff were unaware due to langauge barriers, these posts will be deleted.


12.  No bumping of requests asking if anyone has found it. If they found it they would of posted it.


Any posts found to have broken the above rules will reult in threads will be locked.


Follow these simple guidelines and everyone is happy

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