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eBook Section & Sub-Section Rulez


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AndrNet eBook Rules


01.  As with all sections on Andr, a search is to be carried out before posting as the eBook or Audiobook may already be available. Duplicate posts will be merged when appropriate or locked / deleted.


02.  Please ensure you post the eBooks / Audiobook or requests in the correct section. If you post in the incorrect section, it will be at the mods discretion to move to the correct section or move to the graveyard if persistently offending.


  • eBooks - Anything eBook related that does not fall into any of the sections below.
  • Magazines - Anything that is a duplicate publication or would be purchased from a newsagents / street booth etc.
  • Comics - a publication that consists of comic art in the form of sequential juxtaposed panels that represent individual scenes.
  • Tutorials - Regardless of format, all tutorial to be posted in this section.
  • Audiobooks - Audio books only in this section.
  • Requests - Request any type of eBook here. The Request section has its own rules, please read pofore posting.


03.  Titles should be created as follows:


  • The topic title should consist only of the eBook / Audiobook or Tutorial title.
  • Topics are for single items only, separate eBooks are to be posted in their own topics.
  • Do not add file host abbreviations / symbols / formats or use caps lock as this may result in the search function not finding it! 


04.  The topic content should state the eBook / Audiobooks format and include a direct download link only that must have the option of free download, an image if available and a brief description. Re-directing links will be removed and the topic deleted to the graveyard. If it is a post in a topic, then only the post will be removed.


04.  Passwords which advertise websites / forums are allowed. Any that direct / redirect to porn sites will be removed, the post locked and the member reported to Administrator with the likely result being a ban, you have been warned!


05.  No porn / spamming / flaming / religion / politics / drugs or file host discussion in posts. These will be locked and possible action taken against any guilty member.


06.  Regarding No Porn - Adult reading such as erotic novels are permitted, provided no sexual image content is included. If you're unsure of the content DO NOT POST IT. You are responsible for your actions and a suspension or ban could result!


07.  Images are allowed, however if the image posted is too big it will automatically be re-sized. Image hosts are the preferred method, hot-linking from other warez boards is not allowed. 


08.  No bumping of posts. These threads will be locked.


09.  Do not make requests in this section. There is a separate dedicated section solely for the purpose of requesting HERE.


10.  Do not post any DEX or Torrent links. They will be removed and the topic will be locked. It could result in a ban, be warned!  


11.  Due to the high turnover in the magazine section with weekly, fortnightly & monthly publications; topics will be pruned 3 months after the topic posting date to keep the section streamlined. All other eBook sections will be pruned at the 6 month point. If you wish an older release you're welcome to request it in the appropriate section.


12.  The board languauge is English and as such, all posts are to be written in English. As we have a worldwide group of members, some eBooks / Audiobooks are allowed to be posted which are foreign in nature but the main text must be in English. Should complaints be recieved due to posts being offensive that staff were unaware due to langauge barriers, these posts will be deleted.


13.  Any replies in threads should be relevant to the topic, any Thank You post's will be deleted. Please ensure you use the 30JL5Rg.png button, this will send a notification to the poster directly and avoid unnecassary modding.


Any posts that don't follow these very simple guidelines will be locked / sent to the graveyard at the mods discretion.


Example eBook Post


Topic TitleJohn Steinbeck - Of Mice And Men

Topic Description: epub




Of Mice and Men is a novella written by Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck. Published in 1937, it tells the story of George Milton and Lennie Small, two displaced migrant ranch workers, who move from place to place in search of new job opportunities during the Great Depression in California, United States.



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Follow these simple guidelines and everyone is happy

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