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Infinitesimal Point-CODEX


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Fbka.jpg Overview: Main character has been attacked by a strange creature, and gets into the off-world through the portal. Here he faces a long journey where every new step is a danger. Crowds of foes will turn his way into hardship. Get stronger with each level up by exploring new combat skills. Crush your enemies in a single player or gang up in cooperative game-play. Fight your way through challenges and make it to the end at all costs! Arsenal: Burn them, shoot them, pierce them, blow them! Lots of weapons and abilities will help you to defeat your foes. They will be unlocked with each new level so you can create your own combinations. Beat your enemies and get stronger with each level. New Game Plus: Continue playing with your character in a new game plus! Try to reach maximum level and unleash full power. Test your skills: You want hardcore? The game is quite tricky at high difficulty levels: after the first walkthrough new additional levels become available for you. Genre: Action, Indie Developer: Small Room Games Publisher: Small Room Games Release Name: Infinitesimal.Point-CODEX Size: 1.79 GB

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