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Cobalt Update v126 GOLD-BAT


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Fbka.jpg [Update] Languages, cloak balance, Zero volts! Full-list: Features: 5 Languages supported! Go to Help&Options, pick settings, and select language from the drop down. Exit settings and restart game! Keep in mind some strings that we have added just recently (steam-specific online settings, emotes) will still only be available in English, but most of the game is localized! Game-play: Max stealth penalty raised. This will mostly affect very noisy weapons such as the matter war. More sloth grips in resupply station 1. Bug-fixes: Fixed bug where you would spawn at the start of a chapter instead of at your last checkpoint. Enlarged story computer text sizes on some resolutions. Shrunk the computer talk bubbles in story. Missiles and other projected bullet types now work better on client. (less blowing up yourself after landing with missiles!) Melee attacks while moving around as client more accurate! Crash fix with tamed wasps in story. Possible fix for the lights shaking bug. (hard to reproduce!) Possible fix for the 0 Volts bug. (hard to reproduce!) When using custom classes in Team-Strike, first class price is now correct for clients. Fixed enter key not working by default to send text chat in customized controls. Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie Developer: Oxeye Game Studio Publisher: Mojang Release Name: Cobalt.Update.v126.GOLD-BAT Size: 52 MB

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