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Club Manager 2016 Update v1 53-BAT


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Fbka.jpg 2016 goal chance appeared for the first time with version 1.45. Following new features are included in the following updates: Version 1.53: -The stadium view in the 2D-Livespiel has been revised with regard to the display of the VIP seats and grandstands (standing and seating), and the audience. -The info box in the main menu are now starting at a resolution of 1600 * y is displayed. -Players from your own youth better assess as the round of appreciation until the age of 24. -Club loyalty is now incorporated into the reviews. -Contracts with own players can now frühzeiter extend. -Players extend their contracts until a certain strength in the first two leagues also, if there is a descent. -Players in Ligue 1 with a thickness up to 21.0, and in the 2nd are up to certain players strengths League up to 20.0 now always to contract treatments ready - in the lower leagues also. -Computer clubs build their Stadium now more logical. -It's now more than 50,000 can be as the quota for season tickets set. -Stadium safety: here, there are new starting conditions when starting a new game. Continue to the Tor network in the East and West block must be purchased now. -In the built-in Editor, the positions are displayed in more readable colours "Def" and "STU". -Loaned players to international clubs gain more experience and be upgraded more frequently (the higher the talent, the higher the probability). -Random events, that the reputation of Betfair reefs, occur only in the first two leagues the impact has been reduced here. -When the transfer market behavior, "Varied transfer market" it's now so that even stronger player may be required. To look at these players but whether the Club also somehow has a chance in terms of rise or "Play up". -Bug: when selecting a player in the team, the mouse query is now accurate (affects a squad with 25 players). -Bug fixed: when the "trainer"services fälschlicheweise was displayed not always best reached a round of the Cup games. -Beseitgit error: the entries in the online Hi-score list are now correctly displayed. -Bug fixed: In the live game scoring opportunities videos now appear after a halftime speech with the correct background. Version 1.52: -In the game, an editor is now integrated in the main menu. The "old" editors remain in the game, but they require a resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels. -When starting a new game can now be selected between two variants in relation to transfers of computer clubs. -The dismounted stands now appear in the 2D-Livespiel. -The computer clubs of the leagues players 6-8 are now stronger at the start of a new game. -The calculation of chances has been revised once again. Weaker teams have now some more chances to win. -The transfer calculations have been improved once again. -When a coach is set, the player can now select whether the training settings for the remainder of the season in the week run are displayed. -The button "Build" in the area of stadium expansion/VIP adapted colour. -international top clubs remain the strength the players made constant. -Bug fixed: fixed calculation bug with partial withdrawals from minor sponsors. -Bug fixed: now no player should compete more's in the penalty shootout, who no longer plays. -Bug fixed: "Merchandising missing articles" was sometimes displayed, even though there were sufficient article. -Bug fixed: typos in the graphic "player contracts expire" -Bug fixed: in a multiplayer game it came on loan to wrong account credits. -Bug fixed: If standing in covered standing room will be rebuilt, a wooden roof is now also automatically associated. Version 1.51: -The AutoSave settings be saved completely. -The calculations of the sold merchandise has been revised once again. -The time of the calculation of transfers has been accelerated considerably. -The font color when the result was chosen more diverse. -Bug fixed: the victory at the the Cup in the Board demands is now properly calculated. -Bug fixed: fixed a display bug numbers. -Bug fixed: in the sale of season tickets in a multiplayer mode, the proceeds are now credited the correct player. -Bug fixed: in international competitions the coat of arms appear now during the half-time break correctly. -Bug fixed: some bugs have been fixed in the random messages. -Bug fixed: EM - and World Cup qualifiers, it came later in the game that that the game day 6-10 not properly took place. -Bug fixed: now no player should compete more's in the penalty shootout, who no longer plays. Version 1.50: -The week pass has been optimized and runs faster. The calculations of the prestige were the reason. This is now always on Sundays correctly calculated. -On your desktop, now always the own Club will be shown in the box "See". -Bug fixed: If players were announced and also other Tarsfers ended up at the transfer display sometimes crashes. Version 1.49: -Select of the language in the start menu is now stored and automatically selected when restarting. -If a ticket quota set for a block, and the block will be rebuilt, the quota in this block is automatically set to 0. -The calculation of the number of sold tickets has been revised once again. -In the 2D-Livespiel the SPACEBAR to pause is displayed at the bottom in the key map. -Bug fixed: after his half-time speech the impact transmitted correctly in the live game. -Bug fixed: the tickets for a kind of seats can be adjusted now, if blocks of this kind are made, but still there are other blocks. -Bug fixed: fixed spelling errors: "Live game - motivation": balanced -Bug fixed: fixed spelling error: English texts Version 1.48: -'rioting hooligans' only in the leagues there are 1-3. -Bug fixed: to the end of the season, the number of sold tickets will be deleted. -Bug fixed: the secondary sponsors lower-left corner of the sponsor and its area are now called when starting a new game. Version 1.47: -The German random names were revised once again. -An error in calculating the viewership was eliminated. Version 1.46: -The game can be viewed now in a 2D-Livespielmodus. -Friendly games can be planned and carried out. -The calculation of game has been optimized again. -The number of sold tickets in the lower divisions will be recalculated. -The Editioren were adapted for TC2016. -By Dhazzz you were once again int. Clubs and the random names for 'new players' revised. -Each club was associated with a shirt design for the 2D-Livespiel. -Logical change computer clubs -Resolution is stored in "my documents" in the steam version. -When loading a game level, the League and the game type in the selected language will be shown in the language selection. -Bug fixed: takeover negotiations with international players -Bug fixed: pad / sold season tickets: display errors -Bug fixed: the maximum capacity of the tickets can be adjusted correctly. -Bug fixed: English: bug displaying '´' -Bug fixed: typo "your licence..." -From the 2 Saioson bug, which again was not always the selected Jersey. -Bug in the calculation of "Sale of VIP tickets". -Bug fixed: spelling error "Juniors coach" Version 1.45 (changes compared to scoring chance 2015): -Old scores are no longer compatible. -The game now begins the season 2015/2016. -The start menu, and the live game have been redesigned. -The Board of Directors makes demands that the Manager should meet in order not to be dismissed at the beginning of the season. -A tactical alignment can now be adjusted in the live game. -The player can set the appearance of jerseys and other clothing in the game. -The Manager can now host a private tournament and invite clubs. -Random events were added. -Season tickets in the first can it now Genre: Simulation, Sports, Strategy Developer: Big Blaze Publisher: 2tainment Release Name: Club.Manager.2016.Update.v1.53-BAT Size: 53 MB

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