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Bombshell Update v1 0 1-CODEX


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Fbka.jpg Update v1.0.1: * Reduced health for Abomination boss battle in Phase 1 and 3. * Reduced damage and acid range for Abomination boss battle in Phase 3. * Reduced number of creature spawns in B5. * Fixed stats saving on player death. * Fixed wobbly camera in character/shop menu. * You can not "over-upgrade" powers, stats and weapons anymore. * Some achievement fixes. If any of the past achievements are not unlocked, they will be recovered from saved save stats and unlocked when you load your profile. * Execution chance is lowered to 10%. * Bugfix for B3 Firerain (fixed glow). * Quest rewards for "Find Holloway" quest in A1 now activate after the conversation is over (to avoid the level up message interfering with the dialog). * Fixed default keybinds restoring dev commands. * Depth of field is enabled by default. * Disabled dev messages popping up. * By default, textures/characters will be set to "high quality" instead of "medium/low". * Fixed effects for two explosions. * Got rid of glowing grid from occlusion mats, now it's a simple dither. * Fix for subquest in C1. * Texture and material tweaks for White House assets. * B5 Boss battle - Alternate falling rocks in Phase 3 + respawning ammo. * C5 - Fixed hidden pickups between phases & pickups now respawn. Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG Developer: Interceptor Entertainment Publisher: 3D Realms Release Name: Bombshell.Update.v1.0.1-CODEX Size: 345 MB

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