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Shortie is Admin


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Shortie has been promoted to Administrator status.


Congratulations Shortie .. well deserved promotion and a big thanks for accepting the responsibility.


For the late comers, Shortie has been with Andr as long as anybody. He taught me the ropes when I first became moderator. Couldn't hope for a more experienced person to lead the community at this time.


Andr has benefited a lot in reduced workload and re-structuring by implementing his suggestions.
Hopefully there are still a few more tricks up that sleeve. Keep up the good work buddy.

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Yay, I knew it would happen one day!

Congrats Shortie ... or must I, from one day to the other, also call you boss now? LOL




Cheers, :wink:



P.S. Users of Internet Explorer can't see the above animation, and those using
Google Chrome, Chromium or Opera need to install an APNG add-on.
Firefox users have no problem viewing animated PNG files.
(APNG = Animated Portable Network Graphics)

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Congrats Shortie on becoming admin. A well deserved promotion for a hardworking super moderator. :)

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Many thanks for all of the conrgrats. Sadly, my promotion comes at a cost to Andr with the sad resignation of our Root Admin sp00ky2.


My only hope is as s33m33 hopes, i can find some tricks up my sleeves that improve or benefits the lives of our Andrites and Moderating family team.


Thanks s33m33 for the raise in status to allow me to Admin the site next to you ;)


Means a lot to go from absolute noob to Admin and just shows that anyone with the right frame of mind to help in a few years will be in my position should you so choose to go down that modding road.


sp00ky2, i hope my as yet noob admin footsteps will eventually fill the massive imprints you have left in Andr and may i be the first to wish you well for the future.


Dont be a stranger to us but do enjoy your retirement.


And BamSec1, no you do not call me boss! ;)


Long live Andr



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