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office 2003 updates needed

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hi all. i am hoping somebody can help me. i am still using MS office 2003. i have the disk which also has the service pack incorporated. what i am still needing are the updates that were released before MS stopped supporting that version of office. does anyone have those updates, by any chance, and would upload them somewhere i could get them from? the other answer would be if anyone knows where i can download those updates anyway? i dont really want to move to a newer version of office, even when i can change it to the 'classic look'.


hope someone can help


Many TIA

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How to obtain the latest service pack for Office 2003

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hi uk666. my apologies for the tardy response. my ISP has blocked access to it. dont know why this one and not others. dont get here as often as i used to


i already have sp3 integrated into office 2003. did you mean able to get that service pack or other updates? it's a shame MS didn't just keep the updates available without updating any more, but then i'm trying to be a bit selfish and sensible, ha ha

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