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Anti-Opoly The Anti-Monopoly Game V1.0.0.0 (2015)


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The property trading board game with a twist! Based on the real-world board game that took a stand against big business and plunged its creator into a ‘David vs. Goliath’ legal battle, Anti-Opoly is the property trading game that lets players choose free enterprise or monopoly, with different rules for each path. Decide for yourself: who wins? Is it the Competitor who charges fair market value for rent? Or is it the Monopolist who amasses control over whole regions and can charge much higher fees?





Enjoy a twist on classic Monopoly play by taking the role of a Competitor or Monopolist

Includes Anti-Opoly and two historical games that preceded Monopoly: Original-Opoly and Quaker-Opoly

Information about the true history of the Monopoly game and the legal battle over Anti-Monopoly

Local multiplayer for up to six players

Supports English, German, Russian and Dutch language options




Genre: Casual, Strategy

Developer: Webfoot

Publisher: Viva Media

Release Name: Anti-Opoly.The.Anti-Monopoly.Game.v1.0.0.0-TE

Size: 67,15 MB


 Game System Requirements:


            â•– Operating System: Windows XP or better.

            â•– Processor: Pentium 4 or better.

            â•– Processor Speed: 1GHz or better.

            â•– System RAM: 2000 MB or more.

            â•– Video Driver:DirectX 9 or better.

            â•– Hard Drive: 100 MB free hard drive space or more.

            â•– Resolution: 1024x768 or higher.






            As of 09/14/2013 ALL TE RAR archives will now be using the RAR5

            standard.  Please make sure to update to the latest version of

            Winrar (at least Winrar v5.0) so you can extract the contents of

            the *.001, *.002 etc... archives within the zip files.  The

            update is free, there is no reason not to update.




                           TE Release Filename: taotam1x.zip




                             â–„                             â–„

           â–„â–“â–„              â–€â–“â–€                           ▀▓▀              â–„â–“â–„

         â–„▓▓███▄ ▀▀▄▄▄▄ ▄▄█▀▀▀                             ▀▀▀█▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▀▀ ▄███▓▓▄

        ▀▀▓▓█▄▀▀██▄▄▄ ▄▄▄██         INSTALLATION NOTES        â–ˆâ–ˆâ–„â–„â–„ ▄▄▄██▀▀▄█▓▓▀▀

            ▀▓█▄  â–„█▄    â–€â–ˆâ–„â–„                               ▄▄█▀    â–„█▄  â–„█▓▀

          â–„  â–▓█▌  â–€                                                 â–€  â–█▓▌  â–„

        ▄▓▓▄▄██▀                                                         ▀██▄▄▓▓▄

         â–€â–€                                                                   ▀▀


            Install Setup.  Crack is preinstalled, launch the game from the




            Thats it!  Enjoy.



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