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Which filesharers are easiest to use for movies?

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Hi guys,


Movies posted here often have many (like 15 sometimes) different download options.

Some have popups, and once on 180upload some malware was installed that I had to remove. So I no longer use that host.

I like 1fichier the best, its free, fast, no captchas, you can download large files that are 1 or 2 gbs, but on some movies, its not on that server or has been removed.

After you download 1 you can download another, it doesn't seem to have download limits except 1 at a time for free users.

What are some of the good fast hosts like this that you have good results from? I don't trust them all and wanted to ask here.


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first of all make sure you have some ad blocker installed (like

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, it's free). this will reduce the ads on most file hosts and mostly prevents that installers.


- uptobox: you can dl multiple files at a time. good speed.

- solidfiles: you can dl multiple files at a time. no dl limit. good speed.

- hugefiles: you can dl 3 files at a time. good speed.

- uppit


are good hosts for huge files in my opinion


of course mega is the king :lol: but very few use this host for sharing.


and there are zippyshare, datafilehost for files below 200 MBs

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I think gamefront is the best, since free users can download at the maximum speed without register or paid

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Thanks, but I guess I am asking Directly about Knightriders movie posts.   The 1fichier works great for me, then I fall back to filefactory (which seems to be iffy with big files), but sometimes there are posts with neither of these hosts, and none of the other ones mentioned, like this movie posted here :  http://forum-andr.net/topic/62286-z-for-zachariah-2015/


Which hosts do you use in that case, that you can use the webbrowser, fill out a captcha and download easily?


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Might help you e.g. Real Debrid

Whoa ... uk666, that's a real Mod action! :yes::thankyou:
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