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Rolling Sun (2015)


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Rolling Sun has a gameplay based on CRYENGINE’s physics with a horizontal scrolling camera in 3D environments. In this game you must lead your ball from left to right but also in depth depending on the obstacles and tracks.

Throughout your adventure, you play as a ball of magic stone representing the Sun God on Earth. Your goal is to counter the plans of your rival, the moon god. To do so, the sun give you skills to help you. Such as a double jump, power planner etc …

During this adventure, you travel through a magical world where poetry and magic will be present.




Key Features:


Funny and unique gameplay : Between platformer, adventure and deftness game. Rolling Sun will offer a good dose of fun and challenge.

- A magical universe : In Rolling Sun you will discover a universe filled with magic and poetry. A fantastic world with ancient cultures like Maya and Inca cultures.

- Skills to unlock :In your adventure you unlock useful and essential skills at the same time. Such as a double jump, a power to planner, a dash etc …

- A gameplay based on physics : Use any kind of elements in the environment and the physics to reach your goals.




Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation

Developer: Mystik’Art

Publisher: Mystik’Art

Release Name: Rolling.Sun-SKIDROW

Size: 838.9 MB


INSTALL NOTES      ÃŸÂ²ÃŸ    ÃœÃœÃœÃ›ÃŸÃŸÃŸÃŸ     °   Üܲßßß  ÃœÃœ ßßß    Â° ß    Ãœ

ÜÜÛß                      ÃœÃ¾ ßß              Ãœ ß     ܲÜ                   ÛÛÜ

ÛÛÛà                   þß                              ÃŸ Ãœ                  Ã›Ã›Ã›

ÛÛÛ                                                                         ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ 1. Unpack the release                                                   ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ 2. Mount or burn image                                                  Ã›Ã›Ã›

ÛÛÛ 3. Install                                                              Ã›Ã›Ã›

ÛÛÛ 4. Copy everything from the SKIDROW folder into the game installation   ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ 5. Block the game in your firewall and mark our cracked content as      Ã›Ã›Ã›

ÛÛÛ    secure/trusted in your antivirus program                             ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ 6. Play the game                                                        Ã›Ã›Ã›

ÛÛÛ 7. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!            Ã›Ã›Ã›

ÛÛÛ                                                                         ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ                                                                         ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ NOTE: On a couple of our test machines - settings didn't get saved.     ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ       This is a gamebug. Original does it too!                          Ã›Ã›Ã›




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