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Serpent In The Staglands (2015)


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A true role-playing adventure. Set in the icy Staglands, this party-based CRPG has you take the role of a trapped god on a perilous journey across a beautiful, deadly peninsula.





Party-based, real time with pause combat focused on macro tactical decisions and creative party skill combinations

Classless role-playing system: create builds via any combination of the over 100 magic, combat and aptitude skills available to create or find up to 5 unique characters

Non-linear storyline to explore as your adventure allows

No level scaling or story-blocked map barriers impede your adventure

Dynamic item use, including an incantation book, hand-drawn maps, and a herbology kit for brewing potions

Combat designed for minimal pause spamming and without cooldowns, instead focusing on pre-buffing, positioning and auto-triggering skills

An unmarked map filled with wilderness, cities, towers, temples, dungeons and caverns to explore.

Write your own journal notes for quests, puzzles and leads as you investigate. The game won’t hold your hand or tell you what to do.

Huge variety of enemies and challenges, including monsters, rogue mages and mutilated outlaws, which all can have the same spells and skills you do




Publisher: Whalenought Studios

Developer: Whalenought Studios

Genre: Adventure, RPG

Release name: Serpent.in.the.Staglands-HI2U

Size: 157MB




Unrar, mount/burn, install the game, and play!



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