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KMSpico instal or Portable?

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KMSpico 10.0.4 Stable + Portable.
So, witch one to use?
What is main differences in use, between those two.

thank you :)

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The Stable version you have to install on your PC.

The Portable one you just copy to an empty directory (or a memory stick) and run it from there, without the need to install it.


Most of the the time the portables do their job like the installed ones, but sometimes, if not correctly programmed, they don't.

When properly programmed, everything happens in that directory (registry file, temp files etc. etc.) and are deleted when

you exit the program without leaving any trace on the PC. But ... some do also write data in the PC's

c:\users\YourName\AppData\Local\ or c:\users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\ directories.


And ... I have even seen some bad ones writing in the PC's registry!


But don't be afraid to try some: 90% of my programs are portables.


Cheers, :wink:


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