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The Bluecoats North Vs South Multi13 (2015)


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1861. The Civil War has been declared in the United States. Two clans are fighting: The abolitionist Union and the pro-slavery Confederates. NORTH vs SOUTH is inspired from THE BLUE COATS comic book. You’ll relive the biggest events of this battle with Sergeant Chesterfield and Corporal Butch.





This cult game from 1990 has been remastered with excellent graphics and is more user friendly.

Relive the Civil War in the universe of the Blue Coats

Dynamic and strategic battles

Several mini games that vary the tempo of the battles (real-time battles, train attacks, fort assaults . . . )

Parameters you can change to your liking! Calm or savagery?




Publisher: Gravity Europe SAS

Developer: Microids

Genre: Strategy

Release name: The.Bluecoats.North.vs.South.MULTi13-PROPHET

Size: 174MB


 1- Unpack, burn or mount                                 ²Üܱ²²

  ÛÛÛ  Ã›      2- Install the game                                      Ã›  Â²Ã›Ã›

  ÛÛÛ  Ã›      3- Copy the cracked content from PROPHET dir             Û  Ã›Ã›Ã›

  ÛÛÛ  Ã›      4- Play                                        Ã›  Ã›Ã›Ã›

  ÛÛÛ  Ã›                                                               Û  Ã›Ã›Ã›

  ÛÛÛ  Ã›     NOTE:                                                     Û  Ã›Ã›Ã›

  ÛÛÛ  Ã›      Game language can be changed in the options menu.   



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