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Bloodbath Kavkaz-PLAZA


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Release Description:

Bloodbath Kavkaz is an action-packed Top-Down Action based around russian culture, telling the story of Caucasian ex-killer named Shamil Rakhmanov. After a car crash Shamil gets in the hands of a mysterious stranger, who offers him a deal he can't refuse. Shamil must find and kill the leader of Moscow criminal syndicate, who is called Jafar, before the sunrise, or else he will die. Being desperate, Shamil starts his blood-filled way into the depths of Moscow night, where he will meet all the horrors of russian modern culture and solve the great conspiracy. Violent shootouts, slo-mo, thrilling non-linear story and stale shawarma - all of that await you in Bloodbath Kavkaz. Drink yazhka, break doors down, kill the unfaithful, nothing stops you in that game.


Free-roam mode - in free-roam mode you can customize your car, buy weapons, visit musty bars of stormy night Moscow. You can literally visit any building. You can also explore the streets, fight hordes of police force and interact with various characters which you meet on your way.

Maymays - The game has countless of references to the modern media-culture.

Awesome soundtrack - a mix of 80′s techno and azerbaijani lezghinka will not leave you disappointed.

Level editor - you can create any game location by yourself.

Multiplayer - insane Deathmatch with unlimited playercount.

Dynamic gunplay - camera is always moving in combat. Various visual effects also help to feel the dynamic of the game.

Slow-motion will allow you to look at every detail in the heat of combat.

Hardcore gameplay - Bloodbath Kavkaz is a real challenge for an unprepared player.

Thrilling and non-linear plot - extraordinary story about ex-killer who is forced to return to his job to save his life, as well as lives of many Moscow citizens.

Spectacular design - retro-styled graphics inspired by the nostalgia for 2000′s games.

Interactivity - you would find a lot of usable objects and side-NPCs whom you can interact with.

Various combat styles - you can kill lots of enemies with a single shot in an explosive barrel, or you can destroy a pipe with hot water to stun enemies near it, or you can break a switchboard which will turn the lights off, so the enemy will be completely disoriented, or you can just run and break through doors with what's left of your enemies. Possibilities are endless.

Survival mode - a challenge of patience and persistence. You will face a horde of vatniks, while having only one clip.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie

Publisher: Dagestan Technology

Developer: Dagestan Technology

Release Name: Bloodbath.Kavkaz-PLAZA

Size: 596 MB

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