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Quest For Glory Pack (1-5) (2015)


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Are you feeling adventurous, Hero? The world of Gloriana, with all its wonderful diversity, awaits you. In this pack of five classic Sierra adventure games you will create your character (a warrior, thief, or magic user) and set out on a grand journey for fortune and fame! You will solve quests and puzzles, fight monsters, and save innocents.





Includes both: VGA and original version of Quest for Glory 1.

Venture across five huge worlds, each based on a different culture and mythology, from Germanic fairy tales, through Arabian and Slavic folklore, right down to Greek mythology.

Three starting character classes to choose from (fighter, magic user, and thief). This decision not only modifies the gameplay but also the story, providing for excellent replayability.

You can transfer your character from one game to the next. The skills and wealth you worked for so hard are not lost!




Publisher: Sierra / Activision

Developer: Sierra / Activision

Genre: Adventure – Point-and-click – Fantasy

Release name: Quest.for.Glory.Pack.(1-5)-I_KnoW

Size: 1.1GB


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1 unpack

2 burn or mount

3 install

4 run



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