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Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (2015)


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Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti [Deluxe Edition] (2015)


Get ready for more remastered Led Zeppelin! The band is set to release the remastered masterpiece Physical Graffiti on February 24th, 40 years to the day the album was originally released.

The companion audio disc that accompanies the deluxe edition of Physical Graffiti has seven unreleased tracks, including rough mixes of "In My Time Of Dying" and "Houses Of The Holy", as well as an early mix of "Trampled Under Foot" called "Brandy & Coke". All the unreleased companion tracks offer fans a chance to hear well-known songs from a different perspective, including the Sunset Sound mix of "Boogie With Stu" and "Driving Through Kashmir", a rough orchestra mix of the band's eight minute opus "Kashmir". Also featured is "Everybody Makes It Through," a strikingly different early version of "In The Light" with alternate lyrics.

LedZeppelin.com is already accepting pre-orders of all the different configurations of the reissue, which include CD, 180- gram vinyl and digital download. The Super Deluxe edition comes with a 96 page book of rare photos and a print of the original album cover.


CD 01

01. Custard Pie (04:16)

02. The Rover (05:40)

03. In My Time Of Dying (11:08)

04. Houses Of The Holy (04:05)

05. Trampled Under Foot (05:37)

06. Kashmir (08:37)

Playtime: 39:23

CD 02

01. In The Light (08:48)

02. Bron - Yr (02:07)

03. Down By The Seaside (05:16)

04. Ten Years Gone (06:35)

05. Night Flight (03:38)

06. The Wanton Song (04:09)

07. Boogie With Stu (03:53)

08. Black Country Woman (04:25)

09. Sick Again (04:42)

Playtime: 43:33

CD 03

01. Brandy & Coke[Trampled Under Foot][initial-Rough Mix] (05:39)

02. Sick Again[Early Version] (02:23)

03. In My Time Of Dying[initial - Rough Mix] (10:48)

04. Houses Of The Holy[Rough Mix With Overdubs] (03:52)

05. Everybody Makes It Through[in The Light][Early Version-In Transit] (06:30)

06. Boogie With Stu[sunset Sound Mix] (03:40)

07. Driving Through Kashmir[Kashmir Rough Orchestra Mix] (08:41)

Playtime: 41:33

Total Playtime: 2:04:29

| Genre: Rock | Label: Atlantic Recording Corporation | MP3 VBR0 (245~320kbps) | 2 x 124.65 MB |


To avoid pop-up/pop-under windows from the MirrorCreator site:

1. Right-click on the host you want to download from and select "Open in a new tab"

2. Right-Click again on the provided link and select again "Open in a new Tab"

3. Download from the host and close the 2 previously opened windows.

Doing so you will almost never have pop-up/pop-under windows.


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