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Prehistorik (2015)


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A giant has stolen all the grub from the Grag tribe! You play the role of Grag and set off on this monster’s trail in search of food! Super friendly Grag is helped along the way by his new friend, the fly! Help this prehistoric hero defeat his monstrous enemies and bring back some loot to the village!


Pick up all the food! Battle the bosses – They’re funny alright… but dangerous too…

Travel through the different worlds, each one crazier than the next.

Try out your boarding skills with a pigsurf (pig + snow + fun = pigsurfing).

Have a go on a jetpack in the mountains.


Bonus Levels to unlock (jumping over giant muffins sounds pretty cool, right?)

Find the statuettes and unlock hidden backgrounds.

Huge levels spread across 3 Worlds

Loads and loads of monsters to whack!

Mega Final Bosses





Publisher: Gravity Europe SAS

Developer: Microids , Interplay

Genre: Action, Casual

Release name: Prehistorik-TiNYiSO

Size: 253.008 MB


Burn/mount, install, copy crack, play!



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