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Callahan Brothers - 1936 (2011)


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Callahan Brothers - 1936 (2011)


The Callahan Brothers, Joe Callahan (born Walter Callahan, January 27, 1910 - September 10, 1971) and Bill Callahan (born Homer Callahan, March 27, 1912 - September 12, 2002) Place of birth (both): Madison County, North Carolina.

They were an American early country duo. Walter was primarily a guitarist, while Homer played the banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, ukulele, tenor banjo, harmonica, and bass. Singing together the brothers often yodeled, a talent that would become one of their signature sounds.

They were born Walter and Homer Callahan (they later changed their names to Joe and Bill because they were shorter) in mountainous Madison County in western North Carolina. They grew up in the communities of Faust and Laurel. Their father Bert, Laurel's grocer and postmaster, was also an organist and voice teacher. Their mother Martha Jane sang and played the organ as well. Their childhood was filled with the traditional music of the mountains and the recorded music of such singers as Ernest Stoneman, Riley Puckett and Jimmie Rodgers. Western North Carolina was also full of great musicians, and the Callahans had opportunities to hear performances by Bascom Lamar Lunsford and the Carolina Tar Heels. On records and on the radio they heard music from across the country.

Madison County has a well deserved reputation as a wellspring of musical talent, particularly as the home of accomplished singers of old ballads that trace back to the British Isles. The county has also produced artists who found success in the broader spectrum of country music. Among the earliest were the brother duet of Walter and Homer Callahan. They began playing publicly in the early 1920s, becoming well known area musicians.

After the Callahans began performing, they integrated yodeling into their act and it was this talent that called attention to them during a festival in 1933.

In 1934 they traveled to New York and made their first records for ARC; they became the label's most popular duo during this era. That year, they also began appearing on WWNC Asheville, North Carolina. During their recording career, the Callahans moved to several different radio stations, including WHAS Louisville, Kentucky and WWVA Wheeling, West Virginia. Some of the Callahans' most popular tunes include "Little Poplar Log House" and country standard "She's My Curly Headed Baby", they became the most famous. In addition to performing their own songs, the two also covered the songs of other performers.

In the same year they were hired to play regularly for WWNC in Asheville, for four dollars a week. Sometimes they performed with their sister Alma, and called themselves the Callahan Family.

In 1940 the Callahans moved to Oklahoma to briefly work at a radio station in Tulsa. The following year they moved to KRLD Texas and spent the rest of the decade there and at KWFT Wichita Falls, Texas. The duo signed to Decca but didn't release many singles, instead recording transcriptions for the Dallas-based Sellers Company which were usually played on the radio. In 1945, the brothers went to Hollywood to make a movie, Springtime in Texas with Jimmy Wakely. Afterward they did a nationwide promotional tour with the cowboy crooner. Later Bill went on an Eastern tour with Ray Whitely and in 1947 recorded a solo for Cowboy Records in Philadelphia. Four years later, the Callahans became Lefty Frizzell's opening act and recorded eight singles for Columbia.

Later, Joe went back to Asheville and became a grocer while Bill stayed in Dallas to become a photographer; he occasionally returned to music as a bass player or a comic. The brothers briefly reunited in Dallas during the mid-'60s to do a few shows, but by this time Joe's health was failing and he soon returned to North Carolina. He died in 1971. Bill retired and remained in Dallas.


01. Carolina Sweetheart (02:38)

02. Freight Train Blues (03:27)

03. Maple On The Hill (03:07)

04. Greenback Dollar (03:16)

05. Gonna Quit Drinkin' When I Die (03:27)

06. Sweet Violets (03:09)

07. Just One Year (02:53)

08. When It's Lamplighting Time In Heaven (03:18)

09. Cowboy Jack (03:27)

10. Away Out There (02:41)

11. The Dying Girl's Farewell (03:11)

12. The End Of Memory Lane (02:39)

13. I Want To Be Where You Are (03:12)

14. Mama Don't Be So Mean To Me (03:08)

15. She's My Curly Headed Baby - No. 3 (03:10)

16. She Come Rollin' Down The Mountain (02:58)

17. I Don't Want To Hear Your Name - No. 2 (03:23)

18. She's Just That Kind - No. 2 (03:11)

19. Freight Train Whistle Blues - No. 2 (03:17)

20. She's Always On My Mind (03:06)

21. Somebody's Been Using That Thing (02:50)

22. Ninety-Nine's My Name (03:16)

Total Playtime: 1:08:44

| Genre: Country | Label: Warped Records | MP3 320kbps (CBR) | 165.61 MB |


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