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T.Rex - Tanx And Zinc Alloy (2014)


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T.Rex - Tanx And Zinc Alloy (2014)

[Remastered 4CD Deluxe Edition Box Set]


This 80 page 12x12 hardback book includes: 4 x CDs and 1 x DVD 'Tanx' and 'Zinc Alloy' and the contemporary singles remastered by producer Tony Visconti, Demos and outtakes, Brand new liner notes by Tony Visconti and acknowledged expert Mark Paytress, Plus photographs of 'Tanxa?' and 'Zinc Alloya?' period 7' singles from around the world, previously unpublished photos, sheet music and press cuttings.

Preceded by some of Bolana?'s most fondly-remembered singles, 'Children Of The Revolution', 'Solid Gold Easy Action' and the classic '20th Century Boy', 1973a?'s Tanx was the first T. Rex album to make full use of the ever-expanding range of studio gadgets. And while the album represented a new musical departure, several tracks maintained a direct link to the old sound. Hit singles 'The Groover' and 'Truck On (Tyke)' preceded Zinc Alloy, which was released in March 1974, and included the follow-up hit 'Teenage Dream'. The results of listening to black radio stations whilst touring the US during 1973 are apparent on this album, something of an oft-overlooked treasure trove.

While many stateside listeners never got much deeper into T. Rex and Marc Bolan's massive catalog than the boogie glam fun of "Bang a Gong (Get It On)," Bolan spent much of his life as an ever-morphing pop star in his U.K. home, recording hits and even living on as a television personality until his death in 1977. This massive repackaging of Tanx/Zinc Alloy inspects a two-year period in Bolan's glam rock phase, which could be looked upon as transitional, moving away from the woozy, sexy hard rock of Electric Warrior and The Slider into far more soul-inflected pop fare. When Tanx and Zinc Alloy appeared in 1973 and 1974, respectively, they were initially seen as commercially disappointing, with depleted sales and far less in the way of hits than their predecessors. The expanded instrumentation and production trickery of the albums would age better than it seemed, however, and songs from this time seemed to point at an embrace of soul backup singers, string arrangements, and other slick pop elements that Bowie would enjoy massive success with a few years later on his Young Americans album. Tanx/Zinc Alloy in this Deluxe Edition presentation includes both albums and singles from their respective periods remastered in full by original producer Tony Visconti (with assistance from Ted Jensen) as well as track after track of demos, outtakes, alternate versions, and other scraps from the cutting-room floor. All told, the collection includes more than 80 tracks from this particular period of Bolan's oeuvre. Though less celebrated than his best-loved hits, the highlights here are among some of his best-written songs, and the production choices he was making on these records were far more interesting than the straightforward rock of his first few T. Rex albums, despite their superior overall quality. This set is a must for any completist and will reveal much to anyone interested in Bolan's curious, inspired paths of development.


CD 01 - Tanx [Remaster 2014]

01. Tenement Lady (02:56)

02. Rapids (02:49)

03. Mister Mister (03:30)

04. Broken-Hearted Blues (02:03)

05. Shock Rock (01:44)

06. Country Honey (01:48)

07. Electric Slim And The Factory Hen (03:05)

08. Mad Donna (02:17)

09. Born To Boogie (02:04)

10. Life Is Strange (02:30)

11. The Street And Babe Shadow (02:18)

12. Highway Knees (02:35)

13. Left Hand Luke And The Beggar Boys (05:18)

Playtime: 34:57

CD 02 - Tanx [Period A And B Sides]

01. Children Of The Revolution (02:31)

02. Jitterbug Love (02:58)

03. Sunken Rags (02:54)

04. Solid Gold Easy Action (02:22)

05. Xmas Riff (00:12)

06. 20th Century Boy (03:41)

07. Free Angel (02:15)

Demos And Outtakes:

08. Pepsi Jingle (00:26)

09. Mister Motion (01:49)

10. The Street And Babe Shadow (02:22)

11. Free Angel (01:56)

12. Rapids (01:32)

13. Life Is Strange (02:05)

14. Mister Mister (02:01)

15. Jitterbug Love 44 (02:29)

16. Country Honey (02:03)

17. Highway Knees (01:49)

18. Mad Donna (02:04)

19. Electric Slim & The Factory Hen (Alias You Got The Look) (01:51)

20. Left Hand Luke (02:37)

21. Free Angel (Alternate Version) (02:13)

22. Fast Blues - Easy Action (03:26)

23. Sunken Rags (Solo Acoustic Version) (02:30)

24. Xmas Fan Club Flexi [(Full Version) (08:50)

Playtime: 58:56

CD 03 - Zinc Alloy [Remaster 2014]

01. Venus Loon (03:03)

02. Sound Pit (02:51)

03. Explosive Mouth (02:27)

04. Galaxy (01:50)

05. Change (02:50)

06. Nameless Wilderness (03:07)

07. Teenage Dream (05:49)

08. Liquid Gang (03:19)

09. Carsmile Smith And The Old One (03:17)

10. You Got To Jive To Stay Alive - Spanish Midnight (02:38)

11. Interstellar Soul (03:28)

12. Painless Persuasion V. The Meathawk Immaculate (03:28)

13. The Avengers (Superbad) (04:32)

14. The Leopards Featuring Gardenia And The Mighty Slug (03:39)

Playtime: 46:18

CD 04 - Zinc Alloy [Period A And B Sides]

01. The Groover (03:25)

02. Midnight (02:49)

03. Truck On (Tyke) (03:09)

04. Sitting Here (02:21)

05. Satisfaction Pony (02:49)

Big Garrot Single:

06. Black Jack (03:07)

07. Squint Eye Mangle (03:23)

Demos And Outtakes:

08. Geraldine & The Mighty Slug (01:12)

09. Change (Solo Electric) (03:46)

10. Avengers Superbad (Solo Electric) (02:50)

11. Galaxy (01:04)

12. Carsmile Smith & The Old One (03:21)

13. Spanish Midnight (00:39)

14. Sitting There - Here (02:02)

15. Look To Your Soul (01:56)

16. The Leopards Featuring Gardenia And The Mighty Slug (02:16)

17. Groover (Solo Acoustic) (03:26)

18. Truck On (Solo Acoustic With Gloria Jones) (01:40)

19. Saturday Night (01:53)

20. Dance In The Midnight (02:06)

21. Down Home Lady (01:39)

22. Saturation Syncopation (03:23)

23. Delanie (02:08)

24. All My Love (02:26)

25. Hope You Enjoy The Show (03:05)

26. Saturday Night (Alternate Version) (03:37)

27. Interview (Radio January 1974) (00:34)

Playtime: 1:06:06

Total Playtime: 3:26:17

| Genre: Rock | Label: EMI Records | MP3 320kbps (CBR) | CD 01 + CD 02: 171.81 MB - CD 03 + CD 04: 206.15 MB |


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