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Van Morrison - Bang Masters (1991)


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Van Morrison - Bang Masters (1991)


Recorded for Bert Berns’ Bang Records over a three-day period in 1967 by a twenty-one-year-old Belfast youth, these eighteen songs have mostly seen the light of day a few times before, appearing on Blowin’ Your Mind, The Best of Van Morrison and T.B. Sheets.

But this is the best place to find all of these. In fact, it is the only place to find them all. What do we have here? We have two versions of the pop masterpiece "Brown-Eyed Girl". We have the traditional execution song "Midnight Special" run through the early Morrison machine. We have two songs that would end up in slightly different form on the epitome of excellence, Astral Weeks. And we have a few songs that no one would care about at all if they hadn’t been recorded by Van Morrison.

But best of all we have the original nine-plus-minute version of "T.B. Sheets", a song that shows how Morrison responded to a girlfriend having tuberculosis. Or how some guy responded to his girlfriend’s illness. Or how horrible it can be to watch someone you love die and still be repelled by aspects of the situation, not because of concern that it will happen to you one day, but because there are sometimes some very ugly aspects of it. And the guilt that comes from this response can seize and shake you. So here we are once again, finding ideas such as these in a pop record, right alongside "Brown-Eyed Girl".


01. Brown Eyed Girl (03:02)

02. Spanish Rose (03:51)

03. Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) (02:57)

04. Ro Ro Rosey (Ripped from the LP "Bang Sessions") (03:02)

05. Chick-A-Boom (03:10)

06. It's All Right (04:57)

07. Send Your Mind (02:48)

08. The Smile You Smile (02:54)

09. The Back Room (05:27)

10. Midnight Special (02:39)

11. T.B. Sheets (09:48)

12. He Ain't Give You None (05:11)

13. Who Drove the Red Sports Car (05:15)

14. Beside You (06:05)

15. Joe Harper Saturday Morning (04:13)

16. Madame George (04:43)

17. Brown Eyed Girl (Alternate Take - Cut) (03:24)

17. Brown Eyed Girl (Alternate Take - Full) (03:37)

18. I Love You (The Smile You Smile) (02:20)

Total Playtime: 1:19:23

| Genre: Rock & roll, R&B | Label: Sony Music Entertainment Inc. (Columbia), except Track #4 (Purple Pyramid) | MP3 320kbps (CBR) | Scans | 195.52 MB |


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