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Minimum 10 posts required to start new topic in Request Section


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Only members with 10 posts or more can post a topic in Request sections.

There's been a few cases of recently joined members whose first post is asking for help in Request or Tech Help section. Incidentally that was also the only post they made.

This behavior was implemented to curtail "Request only members" who do forum hopping and post requests everywhere. They never bother to check back and inform. Some of those guys also sell solutions offered by our hard-working Andrites.

Hence the new change.


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trud, including the one you just posted above, you have exactly 2 posts.

I can understand your frustration, but please remember this is a new forum.

We all had to register again and start at topic or post 1.

This forum is forum-andr.net and has nothing to do with the old forum.andr.net.

Most members are the same and so is the staff, but the Webmaster is new as the old one stopped forum.andr.net.

Like our Admin mentions above, a few new members requested help, got what they wanted and did not even click the Thanks03.png button!

Post a few comments (not just a thank you) and if you want you'll reach 10 posts in 1 day. :wink:

Hint: Post a few replies in Topics or a couple of Jokes or play in the Pictures, Number and Word Games.

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Thanks for the reply, sorry been out of date for a bit due to health issues, different sort of virus but getting over it now


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