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audio converting

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hey guys.


anyone able to advise on how to change the AAC audio on mp4 or mkv video files to AC3 or MP3, please? i use an OUYA running XBMC to stream video from my PC to the TV and as they dont have the license, AAC audio wont play. i use a Xenta sound bar which connects to the TV via an Opt cable and the OUYA is connected via HDMI. i dont know whether there is a program that will re-encode on the fly or if i would need to somehow pull the audio out, change it then put it back into the video.


would be grateful for any help


many TIA

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not sure what you want, check this out

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tnx for the link and suggestion, fleabag. will give it a try. i did have some success using avidemux portable i found. you can never have enough choice.

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