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Games Section Rules


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- No HentaiI Games or any sort (adult stuff etc)  will be tolerated






- Games must be posted with tne appropriate crack, serial or other enabler






- Discussion in posts must be relevant to the content/game, not to attack the poster. These threads will be locked and action may be taken by the admins.






- General forum rules also apply to the Gamez section.






























(1) Full version game go in Gamez section. You can also post beta or freeware games, but you must add this information to the title or to the description of your topic. For the freeware games, the first download link must be from the game developer's webpage.






(2) Console games and emulators with game roms go in the Console section.






(3) Portable games to in the Portable Gamez section.






(4) Requests go in the Requests section.






(5) Spamming in any form will not be tolerated.


















(1) Always SEARCH before posting new topic to avoid duplicates.






(2) Post in the appropriate section.






(3) Topic title should contain name of game & version info. Any extra information that may be necessary goes in the "Topic Description" section of the topic. You may also add tags if you so wish.






(4) Post must be in English language primarily but, when not otherwise possible, may be in other language (subject to mods approval).






(5) Topic content should contain a short description, up to 5 picturesm but it must contain at least 1 picture, a "direct link" to download and link to the appropriate crack if not included in the download






(6) Do not use underscores ( _ ) or any other non phonetic characters in your topic titles! It may not show up in the search results.






(7) Image hosts are the preferred method, hot-linking from other boards is not allowed. We suggest imgur or imageshack as your images host.


















(1) Coding your links is no longer required but is still recommended.






(2) Re-directing links are not permitted.






(3) Links to Folder/DEX are not permited. Direct download links only. Links to other forums/blogs where sign up is forced or promoted are not allowed.



(4) Only Torrent or other P2P links need to be posted in the P2P Section.


















(1) Hit the REPLY button to add post.






(2) The REPORT button is intended to report the post to moderator.






(3) When posting additional links, post same version as topic title suggests.






(4) When the version is different, a new topic should be started.






(5) When you have to post the same game and version in different release (reloaded,blackbox etc), you dont create a new topic. You reply to the initial topic with your new post.






(6) [New rule] Any replies in threads should be relevant to the topic, any Thank You post's will be deleted. Please ensure you use the Thanks button if that is your only desire.


















(1) Make sure you are posting a request in the Request section.






(2) Topic title should contain Name and Version of the game. Do not post HELP ME, NEED THIS URGENT, etc. in topic title to get attention. This will only get locked and/or deleted.






(3) Do not post [REQ] or [REQUEST] in the topic title. It IS the Request section and we know it is a request.






(4) Topic content should contain a link to the app homepage.






(5) After posting a request, be patient, someone will get what you need in due time. Please, dont send any p.m. with your request to any game uploader or mod.






(6) When somebody has replied to your request the topic may be moved to the full gamez, console or portable section.


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