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Mac OS Section Rules


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Andr||Net Mac OS Section Rules





Dear Member






01 - Search before posting as the item may already be available. Duplicate posts will be merged when appropriate or locked / deleted.



02 - The topic title should consist of what is in the topic only, avoid mixing if possible.



03 - Passwords which advertise websites / forums are allowed. However any that direct / redirect to porn sites will be removed, the post locked and the member reported to our Administrator



04 -No spamming / flaming / religion / politics / drugs / file host discussion in posts. These threads will be locked and possible action taken against any guilty member.



05 - Images are allowed, however if the image posted is too big it will automatically be re-sized. Image hosts are the preferred method, hot-linking from other warez boards is not allowed. A limit of 1 image per post.



06 - No bumping of posts. These threads will be locked.



07 - Requests are to be posted in this section. Any hijacked posts for requests may be deleted or moved (this will be down to mod discretion)



08 - Do not post any DEX or Torrent links. They will be removed and the topic will be locked. It could result in a ban, be warned!



09 - Do not use underscores ( _ ) in your topic titles! Searching is easier when the topic title is simple, assist the other members by keeping it simple.



10 - If you download from a members post then please take 2 seconds to use the Thanks03.png button on the right hand side of the persons post instead of posting a thanks. This sends a personnel notification to the person who made the post that you have thanked them.



  • This will also greatly help the moderators in doing their job. Whenever you reply "Thanks" to a post, the mods have to go to that post and see if it could be spam or if links are dead or what ever. By using the Thanks03.png button the poster knows that you liked his/her post but the mods do not have to go and visit that topic.




Any posts that don't follow these very simple guidelines will be locked / sent to the graveyard at the mods discretion.


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