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DVDFab v9.1.3.x

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I'm just wondering if it's my computer that's slow, or the newer versions of DVDFab v9.1.3.x has become a resource hog?


On a Pentium 4 2.8 GHz with 3Gig DDR 1 RAM and 500Gig Harddrive.


Since version 9.1.3,0 and up the software seems to hang,  Is my computer too slow or is the cracked msvcr90.dll file not properly cracked?



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One of my laptops has lower specs then yours and it runs fine here. Although I am using the portable version found in the forums. Oher then that, no issues here

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Thanks for replying


Are you using v9.1.3.6?  I forgot to mention that I am running on Windows7 x32 no sp1 on a desktop PC with minimum software. System will hang forever, and eventually Windows would ask you if you want to respond to the program or end the task.


I haven't tried the portable version, but ever since version these newer versions have been slow to rip and hang up my system.  Miss the old version 8.x.

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