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Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 VL x64 en-US Feb2014

Peter Selie

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Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 VL x64 en-US Feb2014




*   Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 VL Channel    *



murphy78 presents Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 x64 VL

Contains KB files current to Feb11-2014





Release File:


Size: 1.38GiB



MSP files added to Updates Folder:

access-x-none, accessintl-en-us, ace-x-none, branding-en-us, clview-x-none,

convintl-en-us, csi-x-none, excel-x-none, excelintl-en-us, excelpp-x-none,

excelppintl-en-us, exppdf-x-none, filterpack-x-none, fpsrvutl-x-none,

groove-x-none, grooveintl-en-us, infopath-x-none, lync-x-none,

lynchelp-en-us, lyncintl-en-us, msmipc-x-none, mso-x-none, msointl-en-us,

nlgmsproof-x-none, oart-x-none, oleo-x-none, onenote-x-none,

onenoteintl-en-us, orgidcrl-x-none, oscfb-x-none, osetup-x-none,

osfclient-x-none, osfclientintl-en-us, outexum-x-none, outlfltr-x-none,

outlook-x-none, outlookintl-en-us, peopledatahandler-x-none,

powerpoint-x-none, powerpointintl-en-us, ppaddin-x-none, project-x-none,

proof-en-us, proof-es-es, proof-fr-fr, publisher-x-none, riched20-x-none,

setupexe-x-none, stsupld-x-none, urlredirection-x-none, visio-x-none,

vsto-x-none, vviewer-x-none, word-x-none, wordintl-en-us, wordpia-x-none,




For activation, use the Microsoft Toolkit 2.5 in the MTKV25.zip file.

Click the Office button, install AutoKMS, and click the Activate button.



CODYQX4 - Microsoft Toolkit activation program

murphy78 - Testing and ISO design/integration



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