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New group added Andr Contributor


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A new group called Andr Contributor has been added. Member names in this group are shown in purple color.

Membership of the Andr Contributor group is voted on by the Andr Mod Team who we feel have contributed greatly for the benefit of the Andr community. Members are blessed with a few extra advantages, the only way to find out is to contribute and become one.


We thank these members and extend a little gesture by adding them to this group.


Needs no introduction. If I remember correctly, KR had 80,000+ posts in old Andr. Andr thanks you.

A Legend. 35,000+ posts in old Andr. Still going strong.

Three months, 2,000 contributions. You rock dude.

Lady Android in the Mobile Section.

Mr. B
TV Shows - The one-stop shop. Lounge area guru.

Peter Selie
New Andr, new name, sharing is his game.

Love him or hate him, you can't ignore him. Lounge area.

Check him in action in Jokes Section. Keep your kids away though.

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