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Augustine_ Philosopher and Saint [TTC Audio]


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Augustine: Philosopher and Saint [TTC Audio]
English | ASIN: B00DTNW1CU | 2013 | 6 hours and 12 minutes | MP3 128 kbps | 328 MB

These illuminating lectures paint a rich and detailed portrait of the life, works, and ideas of this remarkable figure, whose own search for God has profoundly shaped all of Western Christianity. You'll learn what Augustine taught and why he taught it and how those teachings and doctrines helped shape the Roman Catholic Church.
These lectures are rewarding even if you have no background at all in classical philosophy or Christian theology. Professor Cary explains any special religious or philosophical concepts you need to know in order to appreciate Augustine's impact, with real-life examples and analogies that make even the most subtle concepts clear and easy to understand. You'll gain a sense of what Augustine was saying, how his own experiences led him to say it, and how his thoughts fit into the theological, philosophical, and political worlds that swirled around him.

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