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Writing _ What, Where, How - Types, Ways, Platforms


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Writing : What, Where, How - Types, Ways, Platforms
Published 12/2022
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Writing from zero to hero - the what, how, when and where. Against all odds to Magnum Opus!

What you'll learn
Get to know about different types of written content (articles, essays, fiction, screenplays, etc)
Different writing styles, how each writer have own approach to writing and what might suit you better
Topics that are in the written world, what one might need depending on chosen topic
Tropes and Clich s - What's that and how to use it
Genres of written works, how they differ and what to know about them
Deciding on publishing approaches : blogs, media, classical publishing, indie publishing
How to create the artistic mock-up for inspiration and drive
Free resources for writing, publishing and establishing own written content
How to make money - online sales, grants, contests, works, audio/visual merch, co-op with culture & art NGOs/associations/businesses
Commissions, Marketing, Collaborations, Translations
Emotional side of the writing - blocks, procrastination, exhaustion, etc - How to deal with that, where to find support
The random things that one can add: neurospicy vs neurotypical; Ikigai / Kaizen; Chronotypes; Work types; MBTI; Astro things and more to check out...

No experience required. Only being open to new info, as well as being ready to get that research kit on.

The ultimate resource course for those who want to write, yet are not sure how to begin or where to inspire from.As an author, during conversations with people I tend to hear this reoccurring sentence - "I wish to write, but I'm not sure what about", or "I want to write, but I'm not that good at it", or "I'd write, but I don't think it would be much".And that, quite frankly, saddens me. We all have stories to tell, to share, ideas that we want to spread or some great pieces we're capable of creating - maybe new best seller that will be adapted into new movie or series! Who knows.But because of that "not sure" situation - many great stories are lost along the way of that very shabby train of thoughts.So because of that very shabby train, I devised a plan to get it off-rails and make a new and better vehicle for transporting that idea pool of greatness.This course is created to give insights into the field of writing: what kinds of writing is out there, where is that all used.What genres of writing exists in the world and how to maybe try out what suits more for you?Not all of us are there for endless romance, some are more about mysteries and detective stories. Some make gothic and lewd things - but how does one know where to direct self with all that?So here is the overview of what length of writing one can manage, as well as what lengths of writing is what.Why novel and novelette are absolutely different and how is different script form from book form... What the heck is web novel?Where do people post their things? What platforms to use? Do we abuse social media with storm of our creations? Where does one find how to make cover art? What do you mean there's different types of cover art?! What the heck do literary agents and publishers do? Why does it take ages for them to reply and why do we need to know that? Publishing through publishing house, indie publishing and self-publishing - what's the difference and how do we make profit?Audio books - what is this evil sorcery and why so pricey? There are a lot more things that are talked about in this course.Exactly all that to find out the needed approach to writing, to topics and genre that one feels will fit their Cinderella foot, the ways to make more with that and where to get help, what online resources are available and how to conquer that mad world of words, how to note to self, what emotional things to look out for and what other things are there in the world of being an author...Here you'll find about types of writing (blog posts, flash fiction, novels, scripts, essays and more)genres (action, drama, thriller, mystery, issekai, and many others)fields of interest (professional fields - such as architecture, construction, art, marine, agriculture, sales and others)available resources (free & low cost) for posting/creating/publishing/editing/collaborations and more.How to keep the inspiration (what to use: tricks and crafty methods when faced with authors block, procrastination and emotional exhaustion)what to look at when writing your works (monologues, dialogues, descriptions, senses, emotions, etc)where to get that coin (how to find agents, magazines, online book stores, funding for authors, grants, contests and more)how to produce traction (marketing and how to deal with it, if you've no clue about it)who to poke for engagement (freelancers, podcasts, authors, review communities, magazines, newspapers, social media).Emotional and psychological side of the writing. How it affects you, how it affects others. Support, encouragement...How to find self in the buzz of life, determine what approach to take towards own self and what strengths and weaknesses to work with.There's a lot to explore, set sails for, create, see and try! Welcome Aboard this Ship of Writing!Beware of the moment when you do come across my voice. That's when the lectures that sound like a podcast - begin!Prepare those snacks, drinks, get the fuzzy blanket, your house pet... (hope you did not forget hydration and meds, food as well. No. Proper food. Not endless snacks. I know you know ( _ )< I see you ) and off we go!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course overview

Section 2: Types of Written Content

Lecture 3 Overview of this Chapter

Lecture 4 Blog Posts

Lecture 5 Articles

Lecture 6 Interviews

Lecture 7 Webnovels

Lecture 8 Comics

Lecture 9 Research papers

Lecture 10 Essays

Lecture 11 Ads/Marketing content

Lecture 12 Poetry

Lecture 13 Flash Fiction

Lecture 14 Short Stories

Lecture 15 Novelettes

Lecture 16 Novellas

Lecture 17 Novels

Lecture 18 Screenplays / Scripts

Lecture 19 Fan Fiction

Section 3: Written Styles

Lecture 20 Overview of this Chapter

Lecture 21 Descriptive Style

Lecture 22 Narrative Style

Lecture 23 Persuasive Style

Lecture 24 Expository Style

Lecture 25 Creative Style

Section 4: Tropes and Clich s

Lecture 26 Overview of this Chapter

Lecture 27 Tropes VS Clich s

Section 5: Genres across the World

Lecture 28 Overview of this Chapter

Lecture 29 Genres in Books Simplified

Lecture 30 Genres in Books Extended

Lecture 31 Genres in Cinematography

Lecture 32 Genres in Comic books

Lecture 33 Genres in Audio Books

Lecture 34 Genres in Manhwa

Lecture 35 Genres in Manhua/Donghua

Lecture 36 Genres in Manga/Anime

Lecture 37 Genres in Webtoons

Section 6: What to look at when creating fiction

Lecture 38 Overview of this Chapter

Lecture 39 The five senses

Lecture 40 Emotional aspect + Psychology

Lecture 41 Characters

Lecture 42 World building

Lecture 43 Act Structures

Section 7: Creative Approaches

Lecture 44 Overview of this Chapter

Lecture 45 Inspiration - Free-flow

Lecture 46 Planning, Structure, Habitual part

Lecture 47 The mixture

Lecture 48 Creating own inspiration net

Section 8: Topics for exploration : Career Fields

Lecture 49 Overview of this Chapter

Lecture 50 Architecture and Engineering

Lecture 51 Arts, culture and enterntaintment

Lecture 52 Business, management and administration

Lecture 53 Communications

Lecture 54 Community and social services

Lecture 55 Education

Lecture 56 Science and technology

Lecture 57 Installation, repair and maintenance

Lecture 58 Farming, fishing and forestry

Lecture 59 Government

Lecture 60 Health and medicine

Lecture 61 Law and public policy

Lecture 62 Sales

Section 9: Deciding on which media to use

Lecture 63 Overview of this Chapter

Lecture 64 Beware: The vultures of self publishing world

Lecture 65 Copyright and Trademark - Intellectual Rights

Lecture 66 Blogging

Lecture 67 Website

Lecture 68 Indie Publishing & Self-Publishing

Lecture 69 Podcast and Audio books

Lecture 70 Classic publishing

Lecture 71 Literary Agents / Publishing Houses

Lecture 72 Social Media

Lecture 73 Online Novel Platforms

Section 10: Free (and low budget) resources to use

Lecture 74 Overview of this Chapter

Lecture 75 KDP Amazon

Lecture 76 Rakuten Kobo

Lecture 77 Reedsy

Lecture 78 Canva / Pexels / Pixabay

Lecture 79 Duotrope

Lecture 80 Query Tracker

Lecture 81 The Query Shark

Lecture 82 Writers' and Artists' Yearbook

Lecture 83 Wordpress/Squarespace

Lecture 84 Writer Duet

Lecture 85 Grammarly

Lecture 86 Stage 32

Lecture 87 The Dots

Lecture 88 Winning Writers

Lecture 89 TikTok / Instagram

Lecture 90 ArtConnect

Lecture 91 ACX

Lecture 92 Anchor

Lecture 93 Sound Cloud

Lecture 94 ScreenRec / OBS Studio

Lecture 95 Coverfly

Lecture 96 Fiverr

Lecture 97 ArtStation / Deviantart / Behance

Lecture 98 Submittable

Lecture 99 Inkitt

Lecture 100 Webnovel / Meganovel / Whattpad

Lecture 101 Tapas / Lezhin

Lecture 102 AO3 - Archive of our own

Lecture 103 Discord

Lecture 104 YouTube

Lecture 105 Blinkist

Lecture 106 Meetup / Eventbrite

Lecture 107 IJNET / EJTA EU

Lecture 108 The Honourable Random Mentions

Section 11: Creating finances with the written works

Lecture 109 Overview of this Chapter

Lecture 110 Amazon books / Kobo

Lecture 111 Ko-Fi / Patreon / Paypal / Payoneer / Wise / Revolut

Lecture 112 Meganovel / Webnovel / Whattpad

Lecture 113 Publish Drive

Lecture 114 ACX / Anchor

Lecture 115 ArtConnect / Submittable

Lecture 116 Contests / Residencies / Opportunities

Lecture 117 Creating workshops / lectures / courses

Lecture 118 Upwork / Fiverr

Lecture 119 Marketing / SEO / People engagement

Section 12: The mental aspect for the Author

Lecture 120 Overview of this Chapter

Lecture 121 Patience VS Rushing

Lecture 122 Introvert & Extravert Approaches

Lecture 123 Inspiration

Lecture 124 Burnout

Lecture 125 Writer's block

Lecture 126 Self Doubts and Anxiety

Lecture 127 Health

Lecture 128 Disconnect to Reconnect

Lecture 129 You do need rest

Section 13: Ideas and Self Discoveries

Lecture 130 Finding self : something to check and try for self

Lecture 131 Enneagram / Big Five

Lecture 132 MBTI

Lecture 133 Human Design

Lecture 134 Astrology

Lecture 135 Astro Travel Map

Lecture 136 Chronotype

Lecture 137 Working style

Lecture 138 Neutorypical VS Neurodivergent

Lecture 139 Ikigai & Kaizen

Lecture 140 Subliminal Messaging

Lecture 141 Energy Vibrations

Lecture 142 Positivity and Surroundings

Lecture 143 Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow; Sapiens / Homo Deus /21 lesson for 21st century

Lecture 144 Psychology and Shadow Work

Lecture 145 End Credits <3

Anyone willing to write and put it out there (publish/share/create). Beginner Writers/Artisans/Mavericks and professional level creators - there's always something new to discover.

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