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Spiritual Awakening Starter Kit


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Spiritual Awakening Starter Kit
Published 12/2022
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Language: English | Size: 15.05 GB | Duration: 11h 28m

Discover, unlock, expand, maintain and benefit from better understanding your own birthright potential

What you'll learn
Understand what spiritual awakening and spiritual growth entails
Discover, unlock, benefit from, responsibility expand and maintain your highest life potential
Identify and release negative energy blockages, thoughts and beliefs that limit you in life
Learn how to access and optimally utilize your DNA birthright potential

No experience required. Just bring an open mind, heart and soul, ready to receive positive life potential, in abundance

In this course, I share with you tips, techniques and skills that took me years to acquire. The goal behind every lesson is providing you with helpful resources that will profoundly benefit your life success overall.This course is intended for those who are new to the spiritual approach. It is also ideal for anyone who has been dabbling in esoteric ways, but does not have a clear path forward to follow. If you seek direction in your life, meaning, purpose, inner peace, fulfillment, happiness, joy, harmony and all those other beautiful emotions that can only come when we are living in true balance, then this course is most certainly for you.You will learn about energy, chakras balancing, aura protection, working with a pendulum, law of attraction manifestation using crystals, working with the angels, energy clearing, grounding, candle magick, and so much more. Furthermore, you will get to meet and grow a closer connection with your spiritual team, connect with your higher self and benefit from the guided meditation sessions, created exclusively for this course. Should you find yourself seeking a deeper connection to life and yourself, the knowledge acquired in this course might be exactly what you are looking for. The lessons are kept simple, to the point and you get multiple opportunities to practice many highly beneficial techniques, so your life can expand in abundantly positive ways, that only serves your highest good. Past lives phenomena is explained. You get clear instructions on how to deal with ancestral or generational pain, curses and vows. The power of forgiveness takes a vital position in this course.It is my honor presenting this course to you!!!Your cosmic siblingAdrian


Lecture 1 Welcome Beautiful Soul

Lecture 2 Did You Have a Spiritual Awakening?

Lecture 3 Your Entire Life Will Change

Lecture 4 Self Love Journey

Lecture 5 Power of Forgiveness

Lecture 6 Guided Meditation - Deep Forgiveness

Lecture 7 Beware Running After Shiny Objects

Lecture 8 NDE Near Death Experience

Lecture 9 You Are Everything

Lecture 10 Love And Light

Lecture 11 Namaste

Lecture 12 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

Lecture 13 Hell Fears

Lecture 14 Trauma Responses

Lecture 15 Self-Sabotage Release

Lecture 16 Beware of Online Info

Lecture 17 Personal Life Challenges

Lecture 18 Religion vs Spirituality

Lecture 19 Divination

Lecture 20 Astrology Numerology Enneagram

Lecture 21 Wind Chimes

Lecture 22 Karma

Lecture 23 Cosmic Wheel Balancing

Lecture 24 Mirror technique

Lecture 25 Ancestral Healing

Lecture 26 Past Lives Healing

Lecture 27 Soul Contracts

Lecture 28 Higher Self

Lecture 29 Guides Guardians Angels

Lecture 30 Guided Meditation - Meet Your Team


Lecture 31 Start Keeping Record

Lecture 32 Everything is Energy

Lecture 33 Psychic Development

Lecture 34 Protecting Your Energy

Lecture 35 Energy Grounding

Lecture 36 Ways to Ground

Lecture 37 Guided Meditation - Grounding

Lecture 38 Energy Cleansing Shower

Lecture 39 Salt Bath

Lecture 40 Himalayan Rock Salt

Lecture 41 Meditation

Lecture 42 Ways to Meditate

Lecture 43 Simple Guided Meditation

Lecture 44 Meditation vs Hypnosis

Lecture 45 Do Something Nice For Yourself


Lecture 46 LOA Definition

Lecture 47 Manifestation

Lecture 48 LOA / Manifestation Fears

Lecture 49 Define Abundance

Lecture 50 Effective Goal Setting

Lecture 51 Affirmations

Lecture 52 Surrender Outcome / Ego

Lecture 53 Life Power Activation

Lecture 54 Continuous Manifestation Patterns

Lecture 55 Manifestation Box

Lecture 56 Mirror Work

Lecture 57 Gentle Self Support

Lecture 58 Dream Journal

Lecture 59 Rewind The Tape

Lecture 60 Your Life as a Vision Board

Section 4: CRYSTAL HEALING (connecting with earth energy)

Lecture 61 Are You Okay?

Lecture 62 Energy Balancing

Lecture 63 Spiritual Tools

Lecture 64 Crystal Manifestation

Lecture 65 Protect Your Energy

Lecture 66 Space Cleansing / Incense

Lecture 67 Cleanse Your Tools

Lecture 68 Charging Your Crystals

Lecture 69 Fire Safety Warning

Lecture 70 Setting Intention

Lecture 71 Rose Quartz

Lecture 72 Clear Quartz

Lecture 73 Smokey Quartz

Lecture 74 Black Tourmaline

Lecture 75 Amethyst

Lecture 76 Citrine

Lecture 77 Crystal Grid

Lecture 78 Activate Energy Flow

Lecture 79 Closing Off

Lecture 80 Crystal Elixer

Lecture 81 Pendulum

Section 5: MOON MAGICK

Lecture 82 Moon Energy

Lecture 83 Paganism Witches Wicca Magick

Lecture 84 New Moon

Lecture 85 Waxing Moon

Lecture 86 Full Moon

Lecture 87 Moon Water

Lecture 88 Waning Moon

Lecture 89 Dead Moon

Lecture 90 Crystal Moon Water

Lecture 91 Water Alchemy

Section 6: 7 MAIN CHAKRAS

Lecture 92 7 Main Chakras

Lecture 93 Start Feeling Energy

Lecture 94 Root/Base Chakra

Lecture 95 Red Rooming

Lecture 96 Sacral Chakra

Lecture 97 Contemplate Your Truth

Lecture 98 Solar Plexus

Lecture 99 Discover Your Life s Purpose

Lecture 100 Heart Chakra

Lecture 101 Nirvana / Heaven

Lecture 102 Focused Breathing

Lecture 103 Throat Chakra

Lecture 104 Letter to Your Higher Self

Lecture 105 Pineal Gland/3rd Eye

Lecture 106 Letter From Your Higher Self

Lecture 107 Crown Chakra

Lecture 108 Talk to Life

Lecture 109 Upper And Lower Chakras

Lecture 110 Chakra Balancing Walk Through

Section 7: AURA

Lecture 111 Layered Energy

Lecture 112 Start Seeing Auras

Lecture 113 Feel Your Own Aura

Lecture 114 See Your Own Aura

Lecture 115 Cleanse Your Aura

Lecture 116 Sound

Lecture 117 Salt Bowl

Lecture 118 Fountain


Lecture 119 Basic Spellwork

Lecture 120 Intention & Karma

Lecture 121 Magick Circle / Protection

Lecture 122 Consecrate Everything

Lecture 123 Color Significance

Lecture 124 Dressing Candle

Lecture 125 Burning Duration

Lecture 126 White Candle Magick

Lecture 127 Black Candle Magick

Lecture 128 Grey / Silver Candle Magick

Lecture 129 Brown Candle Magick

Lecture 130 Yellow Candle Magick

Lecture 131 Green Candle Magick

Lecture 132 Pink Candle Magick

Lecture 133 Red Candle Magick

Lecture 134 Purple Candle Magick

Lecture 135 Blue Candle Magick

Lecture 136 Gold Candle Magick

Lecture 137 Orange Candle Magick

Lecture 138 Release Outcome to Universe

Lecture 139 Finishing Off


Lecture 140 Non-Dogmatic

Lecture 141 Explanation

Lecture 142 Setting Up Your Altar

Lecture 143 Activating Your Altar

Lecture 144 Moving Your Altar


Lecture 145 Join my Community of Love & Light

Section 11: FAIRIES

Lecture 146 Fae Kindgom

Lecture 147 Inviting Fairies

Lecture 148 Fairy Garden

Lecture 149 Fairy Warnings


Lecture 150 How it Works

Lecture 151 Just Be Curious

Lecture 152 Clairs

Lecture 153 Clairvoyance - Clear Seeing

Lecture 154 Clairaudience - Clear Hearing

Lecture 155 Clairsentience - Clear Physical Feeling

Lecture 156 Clairtangency - Clear Touching

Lecture 157 Clairalience - Clear Smelling

Lecture 158 Clairgustance - Clear Tasting

Lecture 159 Claircognizance - Clear Knowing

Lecture 160 Clairintellect - Clear Thinking

Lecture 161 Clairempathy - Clear Emotion

Lecture 162 Dominant & Secondary Clair

Lecture 163 Psychometry

Lecture 164 Be Energy Focus Specific

Lecture 165 Psychic & Psychic Medium

Lecture 166 Follow Your Nudges


Lecture 167 Angel Invocation

Lecture 168 Archangel Michael

Lecture 169 Archangel Raphael

Lecture 170 Archangel Gabriel

Lecture 171 Archangel Ariel

Lecture 172 Signs Angels Are Near

Lecture 173 Angel Altar


Lecture 174 Be Patient With Yourself

Lecture 175 Life Always Gives Feedback

Lecture 176 Vision Board

Lecture 177 Be Willing to be Willing

Lecture 178 One Step at a Time

Lecture 179 Power of Service

Lecture 180 Oracle / Motivational Cards

Lecture 181 Tarot / OSHO Zen Tarot

Lecture 182 Remember to Live

Lecture 183 Sending Positive Energy

Lecture 184 Certificate

Those new to spirituality and those wishing to prosperously spread their esoteric wings

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