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Demon Huntress in Blender course


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Demon Huntress in Blender course
Published 06/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 41 lectures (23h 7m) | Size: 24.1 GB

Female armored 3D character creation in Blender with stylized hair

What you'll learn
Modelling an armoured female 3D character in Blender
Female face anatomy and common mistakes
Female body anatomy
Armor and stylized hair making
Intermediate Blender knowledge, QuadRemesher add-on
Hi guys, this time i will cut directly to the point and tell you that this will be the character we will do in this Blender course. What a surprise, right?:)
But what you may not know is that the whole process is recorded in real time and with constant narration by me.
So now you probably will ask, who are you? And you will be right to do so!
My name is Niko, and i am a 3D character artist and tutor, still working in a game industry since 2007. I have more than 13 000 students with my courses of 3d character creation and anatomy
In this intermediate Blender 3D character creation course we will go trough the process of creating a slightly stylized female character with armour and 3d print ready hair, pose her, make some materials and lights and render an image and turntable video for your portfolio. There will be lots of female face and body anatomy tips and most common mistakes too.
The nice concept is an art by Mikhail Palamarchuk.
We will begin by making two female heads, where i will explain the proportions, forms, shapes, anatomy and most common beginner mistakes. We will then chose the best looking of the two heads and will continue with making the base hair shape. Then we will start the torso and i will explain how the shapes work in the female body. Next we will go trough the creation of nice legs and arms for our huntress, and refining the whole body before starting the armor. We will use heavily QuadRemesher add-on for Blender in this course, which will help us make our armor pieces pretty quickly. We will extract, adjust, remesh, make thickness and all those things again and again until we have our armor with all it's details ready.
We will then refine the hair with some smartly placed curves, and jump to material creation. Creating the metal material will not be an easy task, but we will definitely do a decent job :). Then will be the time to do the demon huntress weapon - the sword and the tentacles below it.
Following will be rigging the character with armature and you will see how easy it is. But then we will have some issues with the rig which we will successfully overcome and head to the posing of our huntress. After, will be time to do more adjustments to some elements of the pose and some materials and lights.
I will show you how to render a still image and how to render a transparent video from Blender to use in After effects.
This course is for intermediate Blender users, but if you are a very ambitious beginner you can try it as well :). Although i will recommend for you to watch my Absolute Beginners 3D character in Blender course first, and then get back to this one :).
I will use QuadRemesher a lot in this course which is the only paid add-on i have in Blender. I use it in all my work and freelance characters. It has one month free trial so you can do the course with no problem just with the trial version and then decide if it is worth the money :).
So if making a nice looking female character with armour, sword and pose in Blender sounds like your thing, then you probably would want to check out this course :).
Who this course is for
All intermediate Blender users who want to advance their 3D character art

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