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Beauty Makeup From A Technical Guy'S Perspective


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Beauty Makeup From A Technical Guy'S Perspective
Last updated 10/2020
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 6.48 GB | Duration: 5h 1m

Become the best version of yourself by learning makeup techniques designed for your unique facial features!

What you'll learn
How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself
How To Recreate Whichever Makeup Look On Your Unique Facial Features
Basic Eye Makeup Techniques For Your Eye Shape
Advanced Eye Makeup Techniques For Your Eye Shape
Contouring Techniques For Your Face Shape
How To Save Money When Buying Makeup
How To Structure Your Makeup Kit
How To Choose The Right Colour Of Foundation
How To Choose The Right Texture Of Foundation
How To Apply Foundation
How To Apply An Eyeliner
How To Buy An Eyeliner
What Are The Essential Makeup Products
What Are The Essential Makeup Brushes And How To Use Them
And Much More...
Try not to be in a room full of screaming kids or at a rave party because that might distract you.

I created this beauty makeup course for women who want to look like themselves as I strongly believe we should celebrate our individuality!Therefore I welcome you to WATCH THE INTRODUCTION VIDEO where I thoroughly explain what this makeup course is all about and how it is different to other makeup courses on the market.So click that play button and ...Stop doing it wrong!People working in the beauty industry usually say that there is no right or wrong when it comes to makeup. That you should wear whatever you want, however you want it, while I think the opposite.I firmly believe that beauty is defined by a set of rules. Some beauty rules are universal and some are culturally defined. If you put them together, you get a HARMONY!Some people understand these rules naturally, while others can learn them like one learns mathematics. But it's these rules that help you EXPRESS YOURSELF artistically.That's why I've designed this PERSONALISED online makeup course around a set of universal beauty rules that will help you expose your features and bring out the best of your face. I will teach you makeup tricks and techniques NT MANY OTHER PEOPLE TEACH, and with a little practise I promise that everyone will admire your new self.So... Join our awesome community and spice up your life!


Section 1: The Basics

Lecture 1 Let's Do This!

Lecture 2 The Makeup Illusion

Lecture 3 Why Less Is More?

Lecture 4 Essential Makeup Products

Lecture 5 Essential Makeup Brushes

Lecture 6 Avoiding Sales Tactics

Lecture 7 How Much Should You Spend For Makeup?

Lecture 8 Structuring Your Makeup Kit

Section 2: Foundation

Lecture 9 Foundation Texture

Lecture 10 Foundation Colour

Lecture 11 Foundation Application

Section 3: Eyeliner

Lecture 12 Buying an eyeliner

Lecture 13 Eyeliner application techniques

Section 4: Eyes

Lecture 14 Upturned Eyes

Lecture 15 Downturned Eyes

Lecture 16 Hooded Eyes

Lecture 17 Non-hooded Eyes

Lecture 18 Basic Deep-set Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Lecture 19 Advanced Deep-set Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Lecture 20 Basic Prominent Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Lecture 21 Bosic Monolid Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Section 5: Contouring

Lecture 22 Classic Forehead

Lecture 23 High Forehead

Lecture 24 Angled Chin

Lecture 25 Angled Chin - Blush

Section 6: Everything Else

Lecture 26 Shaping Eyebrows

Women who want to expose their features and be who they are or professional makeup artists who want to step up their game with a unique and thorough knowledge.


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