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Make-Up For Beginners_ Learn Doing Make-Up Like A Pro


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Make-Up For Beginners: Learn Doing Make-Up Like A Pro
Last updated 3/2022
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Take your make-up skills to a completely new level. In-depth training for all make-up lovers

What you'll learn
Do your own make-ups professionally, so that they last longer and enhance your beautiful features.
Creating various Beauty looks, feeling more confident in working with other women.
Choosing tools for make-up, taking good care of them, and using them for best results
Using color theory principles when choosing colors in make-up.
Hiding skin's imperfections and creating flawless results using different types of foundations.
Contouring and highlighting create the illusion of depth and a more sculpted look.
Shaping eyebrows and enhancing their beautiful shape.
Correcting eye shapes and mastering many eye make-up techniques from natural to more dramatic looks.
Working with different textures of lip products to correct lip shape, achieving a long-lasting result, make lips either stand out or remain more subtle
There are no special requirements to taking this course. You might need to purchase professional make-up brush set and tools as well as complete your make-up kit
You can practice all the techniques on yourself. However, if you have a dream of doing makeups professionally, it is best to find model(s) for practice.

This course on professional makeup will help you master many important techniques that professional make-up artists use to create contemporary looks in their everyday work. After completing it you will be able to enhance your own or other women's beautiful features, disguise minor faults in one's appearance and express yourself creatively. The course consists of 30 video tutorials and is designed so that you can master all the techniques gradually, starting from relatively simple techniques and then moving on to the more demanding techniques. From this course you will learn how to: choose your tools, take good care of them, and use them for best results; use color theory principles when choosing colors in make-up when working with different people;use different types of foundations to make skin look flawless;contour and create the illusion of depth on the face and a more sculpted look with makeup;slightly adjust the shape of eyebrows and enhance their beautiful shape with makeup;correct various eye shapes and master many eye make-up techniques that will make eyes stand out;work with different types of lip products to correct lip shape, create lasting results, make them stand out, or remain more subtle (to make eyes look even more expressive). It will take around 10 hours to go through all the video tutorials. Remember, to acquire new practical skills, it is crucial to apply everything you learn in practice. It might take you up to 20 hours to do all the makeups at least once on yourself or on your model(s). However, for best results, it is recommended to do each of the makeups at least 2-3 times. Therefore, mastering all the techniques of this course might take you up to 60 hours. In addition to video tutorials, you'll also receive a comprehensive workbook and a full list of high-quality professional make-up products that are used in the demo lessons and that are highly praised by beauty professionals due to their impeccable quality.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Professional tools

Lecture 2 Workbook. Tools and cosmetics

Lecture 3 Makeup brushes & tools overview

Lecture 4 Taking care of tools, brushes and make-up products

Section 3: Work ethics

Lecture 5 Workbook. Work ethics

Lecture 6 Work ethics

Section 4: Color theory

Lecture 7 Workbook. Colour theory

Lecture 8 Colour wheel and colour combinations

Lecture 9 Choosing colours in makeup

Section 5: Skin

Lecture 10 Workbook. Skin

Lecture 11 Preparing skin for makeup

Lecture 12 Perfect base, light coverage

Lecture 13 Perfect base, full coverage

Lecture 14 Perfect base, mineral powders

Lecture 15 Optimal set of foundations

Section 6: Cheeks & Contouring

Lecture 16 Workbook. Cheeks and contouring

Lecture 17 Blush application techniques

Lecture 18 Contouring techniques

Lecture 19 Soft contouring with powders

Lecture 20 Strong contouring with powders

Lecture 21 Professional sculpting with creams and powders

Section 7: Eyebrows

Lecture 22 Workbook. Eyebrows

Lecture 23 Easy eyebrow correction with makeup

Section 8: Eyes

Lecture 24 Workbook. Eyes

Lecture 25 Eye shapes & their correction techniques

Lecture 26 Enhancing lashes

Lecture 27 Natural eye makeup technique

Lecture 28 Classical eyeliner technique (cake eyeliner vs. cream liner)

Lecture 29 Soft smoky eye technique

Lecture 30 White vs. dark water line technique

Lecture 31 Eye makeup with a darker outer corner

Lecture 32 Smokey eye makeup. Single lashes application. 2 variations

Lecture 33 Intense smokey eye technique

Lecture 34 Double eyeliner technique

Lecture 35 Strip lashes application. 2 variations

Lecture 36 Glitter application

Section 9: Lips

Lecture 37 Workbook. Lips

Lecture 38 Lips part one: natural lips, nude lips

Lecture 39 Lips part two: long-lasting and bright-coloured lipsticks

Section 10: Final part

Lecture 40 Tips on practicing your new skills

Lecture 41 Practice work. Eyes & lips

Lecture 42 Full list of products used on the models during the course

Lecture 43 Certificate from Glow International Makeup School

If you like experimenting with makeup and creating stylish and clean looks either on yourself or on others, this course is for you,The course is meant for those starting to develop new skills and perfect their make-up application technique, or those dreaming of an exciting career as a make-up artist,This course can be interesting for those, who already have basic knowledge in make-up, but want to take their skills to a new level,If you already have extensive experience as a make-up artist and looking for more advanced and creative techniques, this course is probably not for you


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