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Unable to burn AVI file.

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I have downloaded an old movie which is reputably an AVI file. It plays perfectly on my pc using BSPlayer but before it plays it opens a message:


AVI Chunk Viewer

This AVI file was not prepared for sequential reading . The alternative "Avi Splitter" will now let the default one handle it. The complete interleaving of this file is strongly recommended before burning it onto a slow media like cd-rom.


The file size is 1.45Gb


How do I do this interleaving action?

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Have you installed any programs recently?

Updated any software?

Any audio/video program may have installed a different AVI splitter or codecs that caused this, Media Player Classic maybe.


It seems problem is cause by:

  • Gabest AVI Splitter
  • avichunkviewer
  • AVI Chunk Viewer
  • AVI Splitter


The fix is to get rid of that annoying AVI Chunk Viewer


If the AVI Chunk Viewer was installed with the K-Lite codec pack, and can be disabled without uninstalling K-Lite.


Use their "Codec Tweak Tool" located under your Start menu's K-Lite Codec Pack\Configuration\ folder.


Scroll down until you see AVI Splitter under 'disable...' section, and check it off (be sure to uncheck the rest that automatically get toggled on when you click AVI Splitter).


Hope this helps

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The following may NOT be of application here but, it might help someone:


Bad Media Error System sluggish suddenly Make a Clear RAM Cache Shortcut


When you burn multiple discs you start getting a "bad media error" and ruin disks.

Chances are the disc was not bad and it was your computer that really damaged it.

The solution given, and that usually works, is to reboot the system.

The real problem is the internal cache is actually not clearing itself and that causes the

PC to corrupt the media.

The solution is simple and fast and requires no reboot.

Go to your desktop, right click a blank area and select Create Shortcut or, New > Shortcut.

Enter this: %windir%\system32\rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks and continue.

Give it a name like Clear Cache or something you will remember.

Now run that after burning every 2 disks, or you won't hurt anything even running it after

each one just to be sure.

You can also try it if your system starts getting sluggish after being "on" for long time or

after you shut down a program and it remains sluggish afterward, or it's sluggish after

running many programs. Many times this will "cure" the problem just like a reboot would

without having to reboot. All it really does is release and clear unused memory that

programs "forget" to release. (Memory Leaks)

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