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Andr||Net Mobile OS App Posting Rules


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Andr||Net Mobile OS App Posting Rules


  • Search before posting as the App may already be available. Duplicate posts will be merged when appropriate or locked / deleted.


  • Only post Applications in this thread. Games are to be posted HERE


  • The topic title should consist only of the Applications title and version number.
  • Do not add file host abbreviations / symbols / formats or use caps lock as this may result in the search function not finding it!
  • You must add the relevant OS format to the Topic Description. 


  • The topic content should include a direct download link that must have the option of free download, preferably an image, a brief description and a link to the App via Google Play, Amazon etc.


  • Only direct links in the Mobile OS Sections, ie. no re-directing links are allowed. These will be removed and the topic deleted to the graveyard. If it is a post in a topic, then only the post will be removed.


  • Passwords which advertise websites / forums are allowed. However any that direct / redirect to porn sites / link to sites where registration is promoted, will be removed, the post locked and the member reported to our Administrator!


  • No spamming / flaming / religion / politics / drugs / file host discussion in posts. These threads will be locked and possible action taken against any guilty member.


  • Images are allowed (only one per topic, except if they are "How To" explanations). If the image posted is too big it will automatically be re-sized. Image hosts are the preferred method, hot-linking from other warez boards is not allowed. Avoid hotlinking to owner/developer homepage. 


  • No bumping of posts. These threads will be locked.


  • Do not make requests in this section. There is a separate dedicated section solely for the purpose of requesting Mobile Apps or Games. You can find it HERE


  • Do not post any DEX or Torrent links. They will be removed and the topic will be locked. It could result in a ban, be warned!

Any posts that don't follow these very simple guidelines will be locked / sent to the graveyard at the mods discretion.
Example App Post
Topic Title: CoPilot Premium Europe v9.4
Topic Description: Android
*Navigate Europe without data roaming! High-quality Sat Nav for Android with European offline maps, safety cameras, 12 months free traffic information and much more!*

Google Play:

Hidden Content

    Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.



Hidden Content

    Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.

Follow these simple guidelines and everyone is happy

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