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A fun lovers Guide to the Sicilian Defence Chess Opening


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A fun lovers Guide to the Sicilian Defence Chess Opening
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Find Sicilian Defence variations that are right for your personality, goals and interests and chess improvement needs

What you'll learn
Ability to maximise the fun to be had from one of the most fun chess openings in existence - the Sicilian defence
Ability to decide which Sicilian Defence variations best suit your personality and style
Ability to understand why world champions Mikhail Tal, Bobby Fischer, and Garry Kasparov made the Sicilian defence their major reply to 1.e4
Ability to see absolute iconic game examples from the World champions using the Sicilian defence on both sides
Ability to spend a lot of time inside the most amazing iconic Sicilian defence games in Chess History - learning a lot of things in the process
Ability to to have a highly structured vehicle of variations to explore some of the most iconic and instructive Sicilian defence games in chess history
Ability to use this course as a foundation for further investigation of the iconic games presented - getting maximum insight from each game example
Ability to use variations to help train one's intuition and strength of evaluation - NOT to memorise the variations
Ability to be better at evaluating positions - not trying to hard-code a win through memorisation but instead becoming a truly better chess player
Ability to leverage the latest engine Neural network technology - never has been a better time to learn from variations
Ability to see many games from World champions in their iconic game victories
Ability to have "understanding" as opposed to "memorisation" to be able to evaluate positions more accurately independent of any position not seen before
Ability be like Hart in the Paper chase understanding key concepts and principles as opposed to the memoriser who didn't do so well in his Law studies
Ability to have maximum fun while learning by going through absolutely iconic games of chess in one of the most exciting chess openings there is
Ability to appreciate some of the most amazing Sicilian defence games of all time
Ability to improve navigational intuition for being appropriate for both sides in the Sicilian defence using tools such as "factual downsides" for navigation
Ability to sharpen more the intuitive evaluation of positions within a variety of Sicilian defence variations and see common ideas across different variations
Ability to see some of the greatest games of chess ever played in a structured way exploring particular variations of the Sicilian defence
Ability to get a much better understanding of the Sicilian defence through analysing in depth some of the most iconic Sicilian defence games ever played
Ability to get Sicilian Sveshnikov insights from multiple sections - Sicilian Four Knights by transposition and Rossolimo variations (aka "Anti-Sveshnikov")
Ability see some of the most iconic chess games in history which are not only very interesting and fun but also often emphatically underline key principles
Ability to sharpen understanding of chess core skill - tactical ability with respect to "factual downsides" in particular to help navigate tactics and strategy
Ability to see more clearly why the Sicilian defence is the most popular choice for aggressive players with the black pieces vs 1.e4
Ability to see the upsides of exchanging off a center pawn for a flank pawn in the Open sicilian variations
Ability to understand the key up and downsides of major Sicilian Defence Chess Opening variations
Ability to appreciate the strength of 2. Nc3 - closed variations or Grand Prix systems which is useful if wanting to use surprise 1. Nc3 and transposition
Ability to appreciate the importance of creating imbalances in the opening from move 1 if playing for a win
Ability to avoid symmetrical pawn structure which can arise in the French defence exchange variation
Ability to restrict the classic d4 e4 pawn duo which often gives white a nagging advantage
Ability to be more confident playing 1.e4 generally and facing the Sicilian defence as this course gives a variety of options to experiment with and enjoy
Ability to appreciate one of the highest recommended openings for beginner to intermediate players who want to be involved in exciting fun winning chess
Ability to have a focused magnifying glass tour of the Sicilian defence in particular if you have checked out the broader fun lover's guide to Chess Openings
Ability to see a wide range of Sicilian defence pawn structures in action and appropriate plans and tactics implied
Ability to see links and leverage insight of particular Sicilian defence variations for use in other variations where appropriate
Ability to get winning patterns and concepts with or against a wide range of Anti-Sicilian systems White can use which are relatively unexplored
Ability to spend a lot of time inside the most amazing iconic Sicilian defence games in Chess History - learning a lot of things in the process

Knows how the chess pieces move

The Sicilian Defence has a wide range of variations which are fascinating to get an idea of why they exist, and interesting model games to check out which reinforce their specific features.

This course acts as your comprehensive tour guide to the Sicilian defence variations

Variations include

The Scheveningen Variation is with 5 ....e6

The Sveshnikov variation features 2 ...Nc6 3. d4 cxd3 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5 Nc3 then the forcing move e5

The Accelerated Dragon features 4 ...g6

The Kalashnikov (reloaded!) variation features 4 ...e5 5.Nb5 d6

"Reloaded" version with 5 ...d6 instead of 5 ...a6

The Taimanov variation features 4 ...Nc6

The Kan (Paulsen) variation features 4 ...a6

The Pin variation which is not entirely sound features 4 ...Nf6 5 Nc3 Bb4

The Moscow variation features an early 3 .Bb5+

The Rossolimo variation has a similar Bb5 but without being check because Black has a knight on c6

The Hyper-Accelerated Dragon features 2 ...g6

The O'Kelly Variation features 2 ...a6

The Nimzowitsch-Rubinstein Variation features 2 ...Nf6

The Closed Sicilian features 2 .Nc3

The Alapin variation features 2 .c3

The Smith-Morra Gambit (a personal favorite!)

With this tour guide, you can get an idea of the pros and cons of each variation, and become more specialist in your favourite variations. Also, you can simply enjoy the amazing game examples the course provides and boost your chess understanding generally.

Who this course is for
Beginner to Intermediate level players


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