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Quantum Computing Bootcamp(A-Z) Complete(Theory + Practical)


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Quantum Computing Bootcamp(A-Z) Complete(Theory + Practical)
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 54 lectures (13h 6m) | Size: 7.16 GB

A 2022 complete university level course on Quantum Computation and Information from beginner to advanced

What you'll learn
Four different analogies in mathematical, physical, computer science, and electrical point of views
Math and Mechanics behind Quantum Computing
A deep understanding of Quantum Algorithms in theoretical and practical approaches.
A deep understanding on all existing Quantum Hardware technologies (Superconducting, optical, ion trap, NMR, ...etc))
Quantum Error correction and Quantum Cryptography core concepts and algorithms
Quantum Applications (Quantum Machine Learning and Quantum Chemistry) concepts and algorithms

Python Basics
Basic high school mathematics and calculus

This course is a 2022 Bootcamp on Quantum Computing for students of all levels and all backgrounds. It is perfectly put in the most lucid way possible explaining all the necessary roots of the technology in depth. This course is a one-stop book for quantum computing basics, algorithms, hardware, and applications(Quantum machine learning and Quantum chemistry). Every concept is keenly explained in four different analogies (Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and Electrical) to understand the whole and soul of it. This course helps beginners to successfully grasp all the core concepts of quantum computing in theory and gives them the ability to successfully write programs, algorithms. For students who are already in the field, this course will give you an all-around understanding and perfection in the concepts. By the end of this course, students will pick up the mindset of thinking in a quantum way.

Contents of the course

Week 1: Quantroduction

Course Introduction


Introduction to Quantum Computing

Qubits & Quantum Gates

Week - 1 (Practical)

Quiz - 1

WEEK 2: Math and Mechanics

Linear Algebra

Postulates of Quantum Mechanics

Entanglement, Bell states

Week - 2 (Practical)

Quiz - 2

Week 3: Introduction to Quantum Algorithms

Quantum Teleportation (Theory + Practical)

Deutsch Jozsa Algorithm (Theory + Practical)

Bernstein Vazirani Algorithm (Theory + Practical)

Quiz - 3

WEEK 4: Quantum Search Algorithms

Difference between classical and quantum search algorithms

Amplitude Amplification

Quantum Search Algorithms ( Grover's Algorithm )

Week - 4 (Practical)

Quiz - 4

Week 5: Cryptography, Fourier and shor's

Introduction to Cryptosystems

RSA Encryption

Fourier Transformation

Shor's Algorithm

Week - 5 (practical)

Quiz - 5

WEEK 6: The Hardware part of the Quantum Computers


Optical photon Quantum Computer

Ion Trap Technology

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ( NMR ) Technology

What More.

Quiz - 6

Week 7: Quantum Information and Cryptography

Quantum Noise

Quantum Error Correction

Quantum Cryptography

Practical Implementation

Quiz - 7

Week 8: Application and Conclusion

Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum Chemistry

Other applications



It is explained in English with medium pace speech which you can increase or decrease.

Based on reviews the course will be updated for betterment.

Let's explore the "Quantum World" together!!!!

Who this course is for
This course is a university level complete quantum computing boot camp with both theoretical pool of knowledge and practical hands on which will take you from beginner to advanced in the field.
This course has been designed keeping the problems that beginners face and at the same time fulfilling the expectations of advanced course takers.
Each and every concept in the course has been explained in four different analogies (Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Electrical) so that students from all backgrounds can understand and interpret easily.
If you want to get into the field of quantum computing this course will help you strengthen your fundamentals and will show you different research and development paths in this vast field.


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