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Tim Rose - Come Away Melinda (2020)


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Tim Rose - Come Away Melinda (2020)
[Blues Folk Rock]


My comment and the video... Come Away Melinda was first released in 1963 by Harry Belafonte but also by The Weavers, Judy Collins, Theodore Meir Bikel, Bobbie Gentry, Uriah Heep, Velvett Fogg, Kenny Rankin, The Big 3, Cat's Eyes, and L.Stadt.
In the UK it hit the Charts by female singer Barry St. John in 1965.
However, from all the versions I heard before, I find this one the very best of all.

Track Listing:
01. A Mite Confused [Live] (04:41)
02. Come Away Melinda (04:39)
03. Give Your Lovin' To The Livin' (03:35)
04. Long Time Man [I Aint Had No Lovin'] [Live] (04:02)
05. The Dealer (05:19)
06. Because You're Rich (03:37)
07. Four Dancin' Queens [Live] (03:19)
08. He Never Was a Hero [Live] (03:12)
09. Morning Dew (06:09)
10. Natural Thing (04:26)

Total Playtime: 42:59


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