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Buttertongue_ Speak German like a native - Step 1 (A1)


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Buttertongue: Speak German like a native - Step 1 (A1)
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Language: English | Size: 5.73 GB | Duration: 4h 27m

What you'll learn
German language from the basics
How to speak like a native in daily conversations
Learn how to use grammar intuitively
learn accurate pronunciation from several different native teachers
In German we say, you only need "gute Laune": All you need is a positive attitude!

German pronounces the alphabet differently than English. Schritt(step) 1 covers the most basic parts of German, starting with the alphabet. We will learn the following topics : How to say hello, how to write a sentence, how to ask questions, how to speak informally and with honorifics, how to say hello, how to introduce yourself including names, nationality, occupation, family relationships, and so on.

Grammar-wise it includes changes in the person, negation, articles of association, changes in the rules of the verb, irregular changes in the verbs, adjectives, and pronouns.

To minimise bad-habit correction later on (which will be very difficult), you want to start learning from a native teacher. With our courses you will be taught directly in German, which will be incredibly beneficial the further you go down the road. What you hear and read will lead to a much more complete learning experience that will stay longer in your memory. And don't worry, it doesn't take long to get used to subtitles!

German is a difficult language to learn. The different genders, and the way the words change depending on the situation will be daunting for any aspiring German learner. However, it is possible to learn it successfully and we have seen many students do just that.

Who this course is for:
1. Anyone who wants to learn from the very basics.
2. If you already know a little German, but want to take it a step further.
3. If you plan to study in Germany.
4. If you wish to receive unmatched hearing experience, just by listening to lessons.


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