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Buttertongue_ Speak German like a native - Step 3 (B1-I)


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Buttertongue: Speak German like a native - Step 3 (B1-I)
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Language: English | Size: 6.46 GB | Duration: 4h 58m

What you'll learn
Understand, read and speak at an intermediate, B1-1 level.
Actually start to understand native conversations such as the lessons themselves.
Basic German grammar, such as adjective changes, zu infinitive and dass sentences.
We will also learn about relative pronouns, manual sentences, recursive pronouns, and separators.
A skill level above A2

This is an intermediate course. If you take this course successfully, you will be able to understand and apply intermediate level concepts of the German language. The curriculum and difficulty roughly corresponds to the B1-1. This course is best taken when you have previously taken our other courses, but if you feel you are beyond that level, that is also completely fine.

Just as the teacher changed in the first and second steps, the new teacher Damaris, will be teaching step 3. (When learning a foreign language from a native teacher, it is best to change the teacher from time to time). Damaris deals with important parts that should not be missed in the basic grammar of German.

After you are done, you will understand conjunctions, future tense 1, present perfect tense, past tense, pronunciation of vowels, adjective changes, zu infinitive, dass sentences, relative pronouns, reflexive pronouns, recursive pronouns, separable verbs, irregular verbs and passive/active. At this stage, you'll slowly start to understand what the teacher is saying in German.

As a reminder, this course will not make you an expert or near-native speaker. In fact, no online language course will. The ultimate step is always real interaction with German people and German media, ideally in Germany itself.

Who this course is for:
German learners with basic skills who would like to take it a step further.


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