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You are invited to share some aspect of yourself you consider worthwhile, concerning your skills, distinctions or interests. This could be:

  • Music (e.g. you play a musical instrument and/or sing)
  • Poem you wrote
  • A wise or witty quote or joke by you
  • A drawing, painting or any graphics work you created
  • An interesting photo you’ve taken
  • A simple recipe you’ve made
  • Some object you designed or constructed (photo of)
  • Some useful software you wrote
  • A website you created
  • A pet you rescued
  • Anything else on these lines by you

I kick off by this simple execution of Muss i denn / Wooden heart (2mins 20secs)

on the harmonica with guitar backing (both by me):


If you click on “Download audio!” you can play the MP3 directly, no need to download it.

Btw, this is a useful free site for sharing music, you don’t even have to register.

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Whenever I hear muss i denn I always thing of Wayne Newton singing

Dankeschön, O Darling, Dankeschön

which came out in his awful accent as "donkey chains, O darling, donkey chains"


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