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A BIG welcome to an old legend: KraKarjaK rejoins the team!

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I'd like to inform you about our latest addition to the team: Mr. @KraKarjaK rejoins the team after a long break. A BIG heartfelt welcome to our longtime friend... Please join me my friends!

WOW, KraKarjaK joining us again... welcome back buddy! Info: Users of Internet Explorer can't see the above animation, and those using Google Chrome, Chromium or Opera need to install an APNG add-on. Firefox users have no problem viewing the animated PNG files. (APNG = Animated Portable Network Graphics) Cheers, Bam

Wow Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. That is a real feel good welcoming! As I was telling one of my clients just today it seems like I will be late to my own funeral, so i do apologize for just barely getting on line and seeing all of this. As I've said before we have the greatest community here at ANDR that I have ever come across. And I go to alot alot alot of corners of the interwebs! Thank you Team for having me back, and thank you members for being YOU! As always, I am i

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An old mate returns! Welcome  back

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Welcome back KraKarjaK  , enjoy your return and have fun in your work !    :bv:      :welcome:  and thanks !

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Bad Karma

Welcome back to the Team, old chap


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